Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Gu Thai Noodle Cafe - More Than Just Noodle @ Northpoint City Shopping Mall in Yishun [Singapore]

Ever since i returned from my birthday trip (to Bangkok) in April, i have been craving for Thai food and it didn't help that the Northpoint extension has expanded to include so many food options which consisted of a few Thai restaurants too; one of which is Gu Thai Noodle Cafe. 

Don't you just love this one of a kind decor? The placement of a food truck with outdoor seating in FULLY-AIR-CONDITIONED environment! No sweat, literally unless you are digging into a bowl of tom yum soup! 

Thai Lemongrass Drink - not bad and not as sweet as the version served by other establishments. Would love to have one that' stronger in lemongrass though.

Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce - absolutely not something i will order normally, especially when it is a common dish available in a typical local tze-char stall. When i am out with my parents, a plate of greenies is usually added, for healthy reason. Okay tasting in my honest opinion. 

Fried Thai Omelette - i was hoping for a fluffy, crispy omelette similar to Mae Noi Thai Food at Bugis Street Market; sadly, it was not to be. Not even close.

Boat Noodle (Pork) - while i have seen this dish at the floating market in Bangkok, i didn't dare to try but since then, i have had encounters with this dish on two occasions and this would be my third time. Lightly-flavoured broth topped with plenty of desirable deep-fried pork lards, my only grouch was that the flavour could have been richer.

Thai Spicy Vermicelli Salad -  sour, spicy and so appetizing! While the price was a bit steep (most expensive among the dishes we ordered), you might want to note that among its ingredients were minced meat, mussels, prawns and squid.

Phad Thai - now that i have had a taste of the best phad thai ever (at Thipsamai in Bangkok), the expectation is much higher and this just didn't make the cut; noodles were clumped up, lack of the wok-hei flavour and could have been sweeter. 

Grilled Sweet Pork (Moo Ping) - it was regretful that i didn't take sufficient photos to blog about the moo ping i had in Bangkok as this one at Gu Thai, while nice, wasn't as tender. Taste wise, it managed to have that charred, smoky flavour even though i would associate it better as a thicker chunk of bak kwa. 

Thai Green Curry (Chicken) - the Thai dish that i have been craving the most recently and i can't imagine how much i detested it in the past! Must be something wrong with my taste buds then.  

Why do i like it so much now? No idea although i enjoyed having my plain rice soaked in the spicy, milky and tasty light curry broth! The Thai Green Curry at Gu Thai was too bland in my opinion even though it didn't stop me from cleaning up my bowl of plain rice! 


In summary, our contingent of four adults and two kids managed to almost sweep up everything into our mouths. Pricing was reasonable given the location although taste wise, i thought most were a bit bland and maybe because i had better ones elsewhere, what i had didn't quite impress me, unfortunately. 

1 Northpoint Drive,
#B1-157, Northpoint City, 
Singapore 768019

Thai Lemongrass Drink - S$2.80
Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce - S$6.00
Fried Thai Omelette - S$6.00
Boat Noodle (Pork) - $7.50
Thai Spicy Vermicelli Salad - S$12.00
Phad Thai - S$7.50
Grilled Sweet Pork (Moo Ping) - S$7.00 (3 sticks)
Thai Green Curry (Chicken) - S$12.00
(Subject to Service Charge)

Additional Information
Cash payment only! 

Craving for the crispy pork rinds in Bangkok? Get a pack for two from Gu Thai Noodle Cafe so that you can indulge them in the comfort of your own home! 

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