Monday, July 16, 2018

After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Paragon in Bangkok [Thailand]

After You Dessert Cafe took Bangkok by storm a few years ago and almost everyone i know (whom had visited the City of Angels) told me i must give it a try! 

I procrastinated a while as Shibuya thick toasts (After You's signature range of desserts) were generally not my cup of tea and there are just way too many things to have given the limited stomach capacity. Nevertheless, i decided to check out the cafe when i happened to have chanced upon its branch at Siam Paragon.

Best of all - no queue as we were too early and i doubt many people would have desserts so early in the morning! We were there at a little past 10.00 am; the official opening hour for shopping centers in Thailand. 

A merchandise section which appeared to be a collaboration with another company. Anyway, the motto of After You Desserts Cafe is "there’s always room for dessert". For Singaporeans, the common saying is "there's a separate stomach for desserts"! 

Dilemma on what to have for breakfast (ya, we are substituting the most important meal of the day with desserts) as there were so many choices; from thick toast to mille crepes, cakes, puddings, crumbles, pancakes and kakigori (Japanese shaved ice desserts).

For someone who enjoys mango sticky rice, it's a no-brainer to order the seasonal mango sticky rice kakigori even though i half-suspected it might taste weird. *praying hard it would not be*.

Help yourself to the unsweetened iced tea! With the amount of sugar we would be ingesting shortly, i think it's healthier to eliminate drinks from the menu. Furthermore, we can save some money! 

Talking about sugar; you may still take a bottle of the maple syrup in the event the desserts turned out to be bland and you need that sweetened addition to enhance the flavour. 

Ferrero Mille Crepe (Regular) - i wasn't the one who did the ordering and thought my two other friends would be a lot conservative. Obviously, i was wrong in my assumption and balked at the fact that this mille crepe would add to the sugar overdose for the day. 

Thankfully, it was rather muted as far as sweetness was concerned and the multiple layers of crepe seemed to have fused to one another; resulting in a texture that's soft and mousse-like.

Shibuya Honey Toast - the cafe's signature dessert with two scoops of ice cream! 

Crispy on the outside and a pillowy-soft inside; the toast was nicely segmented into nine pieces that were smeared with aromatic butter and honey on the inside! As with the ferrero mille crepe, the sweetness was well-managed and it's as delicious as claimed by many parties! 

Chocolate Toast with Strawberry (Baby) - after i have been to heaven, this was a heavy drop to hell as this thick toast simply didn't agree with our taste buds; strawberries were sour and the cheap chocolate sauce was too heavy for a palate after just a few mouthfuls. 

Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori - there were two reasons why i kept this dessert to the last spot; it looked like it came from the cartoon world and i felt that it was more much impressionable compared to the Shibuya Honey Toast! 

Pour in a bit of mango puree first and took a bite to see if you need more. For me, it was crazily good as the shaved ice (more like the snow ice used in Korean patbingsoo) had that intense mango taste that were not too sweet and totally soothing for the parched throat. 

More surprises as you dig further - pieces of fresh mango were uncovered, together with palatable sticky rice and crispy mung beans! It's almost like eating the real mango sticky rice; strangely weird yet true! 


G, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, 991 Rama I Rd, 
Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, 
Bangkok, Thailand


As above.

Ferrero Mille Crepe (Regular) - 195 baht
Shibuya Honey Toast - 155 baht
Chocolate Toast with Strawberry (Baby) - 195 baht
Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori - 265 baht
(inclusive of tax)

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