Sunday, January 22, 2017

B*Dazzle - Professional Ear Piercing for Your Kids @ Wisma Atria [Singapore] #EarPiercingForKids

The time has finally come for Jovyn to have her ears pierced and online reviews pointed to quite a few reputable shops that do ear-piercing for kids! 

For convenience, we eventually settled for B*Dazzle at Wisma Atria! I am a veteran receiver for ear piercing (eight piercings in total) in my younger days and i couldn't quite believe the price nowadays when it was shared with me. Inflation is a bitch!

To be fair to the company; it is a professional service (staff have to go through training one okay), there is a 6-week complimentary after care service, piercing is via a disposable cartridge method (more hygienic), clasps are made of grade 303 surgical steel (reduced chance of infection) etc.

The culprit responsible for the wide range of pricing; earrings, specifically the materials they were made from. There's sold gold, gold plated, surgical stainless steel and my personal favourite, titanium for sensitive ears!

Let's begin with the documentation of Jovyn's ear-piercing moment! 

Joyce chose the earrings from the spread and pointed it out to her for her concurrence. She initially wanted this Elsa blue that would jack up the overall package to close to S$200! Thankfully, she relented with the cheaper, titanium one. 

Cheekily showing us the marking on her ear lobe that would be the indicator for the ear-piercing specialist (that's really what they were called) to pull the trigger.

A spray to clean the ear lobe, i think. This should be quite similar to the alcohol solution sprayed on my ear when i did my piercing at the now-defunct 77th Street.

The anticipation of pain; i enjoyed piercing as i deem it as a stress reliever in my youth. I would have gone for piercing at other parts of my body but couldn't bring myself to do it for practical reasons. It would be hard to dig my nose if i have a nose piercing. 

It was said to be painless although i could still glimpse a slight grimace on Jovyn's face when the earring pierced through her ear lobe.

Her eyes reddened immediately and i was also sure she would wail out loud. Turned out she was really brave and held back her tears! Character was exactly like her mom! 

Now for the other ear lobe!

Those who know Jovyn well will know this isn't her usual smile. She did her best to force an unnatural smile, likely because she felt the pain. By the way, Jovyn is not known to have a high tolerance for pain.

Looked as if she had her ears pulled by the specialist; truth is, the specialist was rubbing the after care solution on the pierced ears, likely to keep it sanitised to prevent infection.

A much happier Jovyn.

Once the pain wore off, she would proudly show off her earrings! Guess she would do the same thing to her friends tomorrow when school reopens for the new week! 

We were not done yet as the ear-piercing specialist will make it a point to explain the ear care instructions (an information sheet would also be given), with an appointment roughly a week later for after care check. Now, that's really professional. 


435, Orchard Road, #B1-41,
Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Operating Hours
10am to 10pm

To Make an Appointment
Call 6235-6948


Choice of Earrings
As above

Ear Piercing (Titanium Earring) - S$88.60

More Information on Ear Piercing at B*Dazzle
As above.

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