Monday, January 09, 2017

Delhi Chilli Mast Tadka - Taste Indian Flavour Right Here in Yishun @ Junction Nine [Singapore]

One of Alex's table tennis kakis messaged us the above picture and said we should check out the north Indian food at this new restaurant in Yishun's latest suburban mall as it exceeded the expectations of those who went with him. 

He is fully aware that Alex is less keen with Indian food given their usual spiciness but if you look closely at the pull-up banner, it was boldly indicated that the spiciness is based on customers' choice! Hence, i decided to pop by the small outfit with Alex yesterday since mall is just a short bus ride away.

Open-concept kitchen where you can be assured of the hygiene standard and also be aware of what went into your food! Need to add extra chilli to your meal, just holler and i bet everyone in the kitchen can hear you loud and clear! 

Now, i can never decide what to have when given an extensive menu and it's nice that the eatery has rice set meals; vegetarian is obviously not for me and i went with the most expensive S$8 premium rice set.  

As part of the set, you can also top up S$1 for a glass of either lime or orange. I didn't know about Alex's lime; my orange tasted sourish and not because it was natural orange juice. 

Premium Set C - with chicken curry, white premium rice, chilli fish, salad and two minuscule pieces of papadum; the overall unappetizing outlook discounted the expectation and that's when you would be surprised when you take a bite.

Featuring the long grain rice that's light on your stomach and fluffy on the bite, it was a lot of rice that i couldn't resist scooping again and again into my mouth; so much so that i stole a bit from Alex who unfortunately still couldn't stand the spices. 

Of course i ate the rice together with the meat even though the grains were good even on their own! Chicken curry was so tender with a robust spiciness and the best thing; boneless! Damn, i suck in describing Indian food as so many spices and ingredients (up to an eye-popping 56 kinds according to Delhi Chilli website) can go into preparing just one dish! 

Chilli fish was actually not as spicy as i was warned it would be; my personal take was that it's deep fried fish stir-fried in sweet-spicy soya sauce. Nevertheless, i like the external crunchiness and the soft yet solid fish meat buried within. 

Even though i enjoyed the pickled cucumbers, the addition of two slices of carrots hardly made it a salad and i would definitely appreciate a bigger papadum; hopefully one that can cover my face! 

Would i be back?! Definitely! And i would bring more people so that i can order ala-carte dishes. Another item that caught my attention; the mutton dum briyani! 


18, Yishun Avenue 9, 
#01-13, Junction Nine,
Singapore 768879


As above. Right click the picture and save it as a file since i have uploaded the original that's of a higher resolution. 

Set C - S$8.00
Add Drink - S$1.00
(Subject to GST)

Additional Information
Couldn't decide what to order yet you want a variety? Go for the lunch / dinner buffet! One family seemed to be having that when we were there and the items served to their table looked and smelled so delicious! 

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