Monday, January 23, 2017

Eggling - Crack and Grow Your Own Plant

I am not known for my green thumb; in actual fact, i think i stand a higher chance of killing plants given my impatience. Hence, i didn't quite know what to do with the above gift and thought it might be better for me to give it to someone else. 

However, there's a nagging thought. My dad is a great photographer and i never thought i would enjoy photo-taking when i was young. My dad is also a fantastic gardener when we were in the village and for all you know, i might have undiscovered genes in my blood. 

I decided to give it a try, by cracking the egg!  

Instruction was in Chinese and it wasn't too hard to follow, especially with the illustrations provided. My sister warned me i should prepare for the worst as the ones she painstakingly nurtured failed to sprout.

It was placed in the washroom; after which it's a waiting game. Unlike my sister, i didn't pay extra attention and only watered it like once a day, only if i remember. 

On the third or fourth day, the seeds started sprouting and i was so excited to see tiny little leaves peeking out from the soil! Above was taken at their third week and it didn't die on me! I have just transferred the cracked egg to the bowl and am crossing fingers on its fate.

Good luck to me, and the plant! 

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