Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shi Fu Ge (食福閣) - Crab in a Bag Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

Some of you might have noticed the above advertisement appearing on your Facebook newsfeed; i didn't but my sister did (she must have been craving the combo bag from dancing crab) and bought two portions of the mini crab in the da bag imperial pot!

Now, i have never heard of Shi Fu Ge (食福閣) and after checking out their website, i figured it was just like out typical tze-char stall in coffee shop with one noticeable difference; it provides island-wide delivery for your tze-char dishes, right to your doorstep.

Food was indeed carefully wrapped and packed into a paper box although i did wonder about the mess they would create. I was about to looking for newspapers to lay onto my extendable dining table when i decided to unwrap further.

The food was covered with an additional layer of aluminium foil and that's when i realised no newspaper would be needed!  

Plastic sheet was big enough to cover the table and once we were done with the food, it's an ease to clear up the debris! Just wrap up everything, tie up the plastic sheet and chuck it down the rubbish chute. *happy*

As it was our first time ordering from Shi Fu Ge, we were hesitant on the portions even though the orders were good for 10 persons and we only had like 6 adults and 2 kids. Nevertheless, some prawn rolls to complement the meal, just in case.

Turned out the portions were pretty decent and although we didn't stuff ourselves to the death of us, the meal was sufficient enough for us to consider Shi Fu Ge for future gatherings in my house! 

Mini Imperial Pot (Spicy) - well, i don't understand why it's indicated as a pot when everything was in a bag! Anyway, happiness enveloped us as we opened up to a bag filled with crabs, prawns, corn, potatoes, clams and mussels. 

The weight of each ingredient wasn't indicated on groupon but i found out it contained 3 Sri Lankan crabs (400-500 grams each), 300 grams of prawns, 300 grams of clams, 300 grams of mussels, 300 grams of corns and 300 grams of potatoes!

This spicy version was good in my opinion; more black peppery than spicy which i would have associated with chilli crab. Ingredients were fresh and overall delectable except for maybe the relatively small size for the crabs; they were meaty though.

Mini Imperial Pot (Salted Egg) - aside from spicy, you can opt for non spicy. For salted egg, there's an additional charge of S$5 which my sister gladly paid. 

Verdict on salted egg - more a wet version of salted egg that's more buttery than salted egg. As usual, the passive eater in me had no big issue with the taste. In fact, i would recommend you cook a pot of white rice so that you can make use of the sauce; drench your bowl of white rice with it! 


There is a reason why i didn't indicate the groupon coupon as i realised it would be cheaper for me to buy direct from the Shi Fu Ge's website. Delivery would have been free since i live in Yishun and even if i live in Pasir Ris, the charge would only be S$3; we paid S$5! 

Mini Crab in the Da Bag Imperial Pot (Spicy) - S$59.90
Mini Crab in the Da Bag Imperial Pot (Salted Egg) - S$64.90
Delivery Charge - S$5.00

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