Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vintage Cars Galore @ 泰 Fantastic Thai Market [Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station]

The term "busy bee" would be most appropriate to describe my working life these few weeks and yes, contrary to what some of you thought, i do hold a decent job and have in fact been working at the same place for more than three years! 

Hence, it has taken me this long to publish a post on an event i attended close to two weeks ago! To humiliate myself further, i am ashamed to say it's not even a full post on 泰 Fantastic Thai Market that was held at the old tanjong pagar railway station...

To put it bluntly (and shortly since it is already bedtime), my eyes went wide-open with the amazing display of vintage cars; some of which existed when my parents were kids! 

Never had i seen so many of them concentrated at one place and it's normal to say i am not the only one who was blown away! Frankly, i don't appreciate old cars per se as their air-conditioning can be a pain in the ass, if they have any although there's one element that i really like; the provision of a manual gear box! 

Automatic-gear cars just didn't elicit that much of a kick but it could be a matter of sore grapes as manual cars are often cheaper than automatic cars and i simply didn't have that financial bandwidth when i purchased my Toyota Vios more than ten years ago.

Numerous old-school Mercedes and one that we often can see in old wedding photographs! Back then, this kind of brand / make was the preferred symbol of status! By the way, you notice the "kombi rocks rides" label over the license plates?

Kombi Rocks is actually a company that has a cafe even though the rides referred to another business; that of a rescue entity for old vehicles and restore them for other uses! Check out their website here

Ferrari from 1983 - i prefer their contemporary design.....

Aside from cars, there were also vintage vans that were used by commercial entities to market their products / services! 

Just by walking through the carpark of the old railway station, i found myself going back to an era when there's no mobile phone! Pity that there wasn't a dress code for everyone to be decked out in retro attire! That would have been epic! 

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