Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mom's Birthday 2016 - Failed Banana Cake and Magic Candles!

My recent love for baking was noticed by mum and she specially requested for a banana cake for her birthday; sadly, it turned out quite horribly as a result of three errors; i didn't tap the side of the pan to release air bubbles, the cake pan was filled almost to the brim and i cut the slices of bananas too thick! 

A fantastic mum who always tries to encourage her kids (we are all kids in our parents' eyes), mum didn't express her disgust at the horrid looking cake and was in fact happy that i made the effort to bake the birthday cake for her. 

Let the birthday song resonate through my home! The kids are really growing up as the birthday song this time was shorter with just the English and Chinese version.

However, being the youngest, Jovyn was still aiming to be the first candle-blower despite her mum's loud claims that it's grandma's birthday! 

Maybe she will wean out of this contest in birthday-candle-blowing after today as the candles miraculously relighted seconds after she blew them out! Was there a ghost in my house?!

Of course not; truth is Louise couldn't get any candles from the shops in my neighbourhood and the only ones available for sale were the magical candles in Cold Storage! Poor her had to walk all over the place and her last resort, if all fail, was to buy another cake from the surrounding bakeries.

After dumping those candles in water (this was the best and safest way), Mum can now proceed to cut her cake! 

Even though the presentation failed miserably, i am glad the banana cake turned out fluffy and in actual fact, tasted better than the last two attempted. Hard lessons learnt for future improvement which would likely be soon as Jerald and dad's birthday are this month too!  

Happy Birthday, Mom! 


  1. Sharon10:50 PM

    Hello Cavin! Stumbled upon your blog when searching for travel information on Taiwan. Then I couldn't help reading your other posts about food, family, travel and other personal stuff. A 'failed banana cake' is an achievement! I can't even bake to save my life. Hope your mum had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for the honest, funny and insightful writing (including the great photos). I enjoyed reading your blog and shall continue to do so. Best wishes! Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon,

      It's always good to hear from readers and thank you for taking the time to comment! Hope i have improved over the years and happy reading the over 2000 entries i have posted in this blog!


      p.s. thanks for your birthday wishes for my mom! :)


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