Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh (榮華肉骨茶) @ Fusionopolis [Above One-North MRT Station]

Singapore's weather is experiencing mood swings recently and in the supposedly hot and sunny month of June, we do get the occasional thunderstorms that push the mercury on the thermometer a few notches lower. 

On one of those "lucky" days, my colleagues suggested having bak kut teh at this restaurant that i frankly had never heard of. Maybe due to the rain, the queue was long with a wait of roughly about fifteen minutes. 

Nothing of particular mention to the interior design since i don't get too bothered with it, generally. However, I did notice a plaque / information panel that gave an indication of the store's history; in a nutshell, the founder (grandfather) learnt the trade at a well known teochew bak kut teh stall and came out with a unique blend that's used nowadays. 

I couldn't wait to dig in for two reasons; the peppery aroma surrounding the air and the wisps of boiling steam rising from the bowls of our neighboring tables! 

The more expensive premium loin ribs were chosen for my order and i expected nothing less than tender and juicy; both of which were met! Colleagues who ordered the normal pork ribs soup were as satisfied with the meat texture. 

Soup was in reality the main star for me as i could eat tons of rice if the broth was good. As required under the Teochew style of bak kut teh, this was peppery hot yet not to the extent of leaving a burning sensation on your tongue. I would prefer to describe it in simplistic terms; flavourful and aromatic 

Want to guess how many times the bowl was refilled? Two times although in the first time, i was only about a little more than halfway through. Verdict: Shiok ah!

My colleagues got the sides free as part of a promotion and i managed to steal a few bites; the salted vegetables had varied textures with some that could benefit from a longer period of soaking. The cut dough fritters were a surprise though; crunchy which means they retained that satisfying bite after submerging them in the peppery soup! 


1 Fusionopolis Way, #02-13, 
Connexis, Singapore 138632

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays - 11am to 9pm
Sundays & Public Holidays - Closed


As above

Ordering List
As above, if you are interested

Premium Loin Ribs - S$9.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

Additional Information
Weekday lunch set, priced at S$6.90 before GST and service charge, with one pork rib soup, one bowl of rice and one serving of side dish (choose from salted vegetables, braised peanuts, fried dough fritters) is available from 11am till 2pm! 

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