Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shiok Curry Chicken from Fu Xiang Kitchen (福翔咖哩雞) @ Food Junction Kitchen [Sembawang Shopping Centre]

With so many food establishments within and surrounding Sembawang shopping centre, it's quite hard to imagine that i would normally step into Food Junction Kitchen for my meal instead. 

I would make a beeline for stall no 2, which housed the Fu Xiang Kitchen that served Chinese, almost tze char style, cuisine. In my virgin visit, the first dish on the menu banner, curry chicken (tagged as number 1 customer choice and must try) attracted my attention and i knew then i had to give it a try. 

Other items on the menu are worth a try; especially when you have a few people with you and prefer to have the variety. For me, i don't enjoy the boiled potato and sharing the dish with my mom / Alex seemed too little; hence, i would make it a point to order another dish.

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken
My second time digging into this; the first time round was much better. The deep fried chicken cubes in this case could have benefited from a deeper creamy infusion. Texture was also too tough and mum had a hard time sinking her dentures into the lightly-flavoured chicken.

Curry Chicken

Star of the show; i must also remind you that Mom can cook a mean pot of curry chicken and i usually ask her not to cook as i have a tendency to over indulge in the unhealthy, fat-laden fare! This would be a great substitute when the craving strikes and even mom agreed this was yummy. 

The two pieces of chicken were fresh and had supposedly soaked in the rich gravy for a period of time. The spiciness only spiked a few seconds after you bite the tenderly soft chicken meat yet it was shiok to the max! Eat it with rice and a can of root beer! 


604 Sembawang Road, Level 2,
Food Junction Kitchen, Stall 2,
Sembawang Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 758459

Basic Menu
As above

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken - S$9.00
Curry Chicken - S$5.90
(NO GST and NO Service Charge)

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