Sunday, May 08, 2016

Bake Cheese Tart (from Hokkaido) @ EmQuartier [Bangkok]

The current food fad in Singapore is Bake Cheese Tart and i saw for myself (today actually), the long queue waiting to get their hands on the freshly baked tarts at ION Orchard! 

Funny thing is - i was at EmQuartier, a new shopping centre in Bangkok, less than two weeks ago and chanced upon a branch of Bake Cheese Tart (one of two in Thailand) which had literally zero customer. 

Luckily i vaguely remember reading about the Hokkaido-originated tarts before my trip and thought i should take advantage of the 'no-queue' to try out what's said to be the best cheese tart ever in my life.

There were trays and trays of the cheese tarts and i guess they might be preparing for the after-work queue. That's the benefit of being on vacation; you can avoid peak periods and didn't have to waste precious time!

Wet blanket sentence first - as far as tart is concerned, i prefer egg tarts (specifically the ones from Tong Heng) over cheese tarts. Other than that, i was amazed by the crunchiness and buttery aroma of the tart base and equally impressed with the richness of the soft cheese filling that delicately balanced out the sweetness and saltiness. 

Overall, a delightful tea-time snack that i didn't regret buying although i find the price at 80 baht (about S$3.10) to be a bit hard to stomach if ever the craving strikes and i need to eat like 6 in one go. The major problem, however, is that Singapore is pricing each cheese tart at S$3.50. 


EmQuartier Shopping Mall,
Bangkok (next to Phrom Phong BTS)


80 Baht for 1
450 Baht for 6


  1. I agree with you that Tong Heng is WONDERFULLY baked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tong tong chiang!
    May I check w you, what else is available in this mall?

    1. hahaha good question as i didn't really explore much! Appeared to be more like ion in my opinion and i didn't stay too long as nothing much catches my fancy.


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