Friday, May 13, 2016

Dutch Baby Cafe (DBC) & Its Puffy German Pancakes @ Orchard Paragon [Singapore]

My younger sister was keen to have desserts and as expected, we were in a fix as there were far too many choices although the one that seemed the most comfy in Orchard Paragon was Dutch Baby Cafe.

Honestly, why would anyone name the cafe this way? I assumed that shrills and screams would populate the cafe atmosphere and it's likely to be spacious to accommodate baby strollers. The truth is very far from my assumption and it's really your typical cafe.

The name came from the signature dessert; dutch baby pancake which didn't originate from Holland. It's from Germany and wrongly pronounced as Dutch given the similar sounding Deutsche (old name of Germany).

I was a bit hesitant to step in as these fruit tarts on display at the counter reminded me of the ones from Fruit Paradise Fruit Tart Shop and Cafe and i remember it wasn't something i would go back for. Whatever the case, mum was okay and being Mother's Day then, i had to defer to her decision. 

Gravitea Pot of Tea
More for the ladies as my throat was thirsting for bubbly soft drinks! The ladies loved it although you may wish to note that to preserve the taste, the cafe doesn't allow you to refill with hot water! In my opinion, this is a ridiculous and lame reason to stop customers from hogging the seats.

Mango Strawberry Fruit Tart
It's hard not to give this visually appealing cake (i prefer to call it a cake than a tart) a try despite my reservation. Anyway, it was my sister's call and i can always force this down her throat if it weren't to my liking.

And yes, it tasted just like the ones from Fruit Paradise Fruit Tart Shop and Cafe; overwhelmingly creamy! It was only upon payment that i saw that DBC was by Japan Foods Holdings; the same company that gave us Fruit Paradise Fruit Tart Shop and Cafe

Banana Chocolate Dutch Baby Pancake
Have you realised that nowadays, foods that are instagrammable are highly sought after even if they might not taste good? 

Thankfully, the dutch baby pancake doesn't fall into that category as it actually tasted rather good and unique too. It's something that i would encourage people to try to draw comparisons with other pancakes they had before. 

Served on "hot cast iron pans straight out from the oven", it was like eating ice cream surrounded by slices of sweet banana on a solid-texture roti prata without the fluffiness and oiliness yet there was a noticeable strong infusion of eggs with crispy edges.  


290 Orchard Road, 
#B1-13, Paragon,
Singapore 238859


Gravitea Pot - S$5.80
Mango Strawberry Fruit Tart - S$7.80
Banana Chocolate Dutch Baby Pancake (Set) - S$14.80
[Subject to Service Charge & GST]

Additional Information
The dutch baby pancake set comes with a drink (freshly brewed coffee or soft drinks). Topped up S$1 for the premium drink selection like iced coffee, earl grey tea, yuzu tea, iced latte etc)

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