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Seven Star Scenic Area (七星景区) - Not the Same One in Zhaoqing @ Guilin City [China]

There are two reasons for my dad's never-ending fascination with China; he can speak the language fluently and the seemingly limitless scenic areas! 

This time in Guilin, we were taken on a ride (literally) to explore the seven star scenic area. I was baffled as i thought we had been to the some star area a few days earlier in Zhaoqing.

Whatever the case, it is the oldest and biggest park in Guilin; likely larger than our beloved Gardens by the Bay even though you wouldn't see me exploring its outdoors in the sweltering weather we were "blessed" with in Singapore.

Taking the ride at 20 RMB per person which we didn't pay a single cent for.; which I guess was part of our tour package. Strange thing is that i just checked the official travel agency's itinerary and this wasn't included, not even as part of the compulsory additional tours. 

Happy to know that we got something for free! However, at that point of time, with a drizzle that had the potential to damage my camera, it wasn't entirely enjoyable.

The look back as we shall be disembarking from another entrance; no doubt the wet weather had resulted in a lower temperature that required us to make better use of the thick clothing we lugged along.

Going underneath the sheltered wind-rain bridge with another park shuttle going the opposite way. Think our route was customised for the tour group. 

River ahead was Lijiang (漓江); one of two major rivers surrounding Guilin although this flow down the river will dazzle your eyes with the spectacular scenery of thousands of karst hills

Pavilion by the hillside was one of the filming spots for the popular movie, Liu San Jie. I remember the songs well yet i don't quite recollect the movie... Maybe i should re-watch this 1960s classic; those who are interested can watch movie here (no English subs though).

Looking back at the wind-rain bridge this time. With the rain and the late timing of about 10am, there were still quite a number of locals in the park!

A Tang-style temple; looked pretty new. We were not keen to get ourselves wet and it was merely a touch and go before the shuttle proceeded along its journey.

Taking photographs was a torment on a moving vehicle with the rain that didn't seem to stop! I believe this would be a park Alex would enjoy walking with occasional eye-catchers like snow white and the seven dwarfs.  

A humongous incense holder right in the middle of a square. No idea what this was but it definitely cannot be compared to the Temple of Heaven at Beijing!  

Man-made waterfall - with tons of natural sights, i do wonder why China even bother building structures that replicate naturally occurring scenery! 

Unless they can provide another source of income; the waterfall serves as a great backdrop for phototaking and you can rent a peacock for 5 RMB to complete the picture. 

Zipline for kids; this activity appeared to be everywhere. In my recent visit to Bangkok, i saw from the airport that you can partake in it from a nature spot a few hours from the capital of Thailand; ticket wasn't cheap at close to S$200 per person. I would be better off spending my time at Singapore's Forest Adventure for a fraction of that price. 

Last stop and one that we really stepped off the shuttle for better photo taking as this weirdly shaped hill was one of the eight sights in Guilin. Can you guess what it's called? Just look at the shape.

Should be an easy guess - it is called the camel hill (骆驼山) although in the past, it was also known as the wine urn hill (酒壶山). 

There's even a zoo within the scenic area! We didn't have time (obviously) to check it out even though there's one thing i am sure of; there is definitely no live dinosaurs inside. Time to leave Guilin for the next city! 


Seven Star Scenic Area (七星景区) 
Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China

As above. I read from the internet that if you visit before 7am, admission would be free! 

As above

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