Monday, May 23, 2016

Five-Flavour Traditional Hong Kong Style Wanton Noodles (五宝云吞面) @ Kao Mei Noodles Restaurant (巧美面家) near Beijing Street [Guangzhou, China]

I am extremely careful whenever i travel with my dad as his legendary nagging can be triggered easily and this could mean repeatedly if i don't handle it well.

Hence, with lunch that wasn't covered by the tour package, i took a while to decide what to have at Gunagzhou given my dad's aversion to unhealthy and expensive food and eventually banked on the "safe" noodles with soup and wantons at Kao Mei Noodles Restaurant (巧美面家)!   

I admit; the wantons on display were the reasons why i even stepped into the tiny shop in the first place although to my dad, the emphasis on the wantons was greatly reduced. 

It wasn't overcrowded with patrons (unsurprising since the timing then was only about 5pm) but all the tables were filled once we took the last available one. As usual, i didn't think of doing much research for trips via tour package and was hoping this would turn out to be a good meal.

Our five-flavour wanton noodles - the five flavours referred to the five wantons that each had different fillings; crab, small abalone, clam, prawn and crab-prawn mix. A sip of the soup only affirmed that Guangzhou was really a food paradise; it was plain yet insanely addictively! 

Noodles were thin, springy and i think i wouldn't have any problem downing another serving. The draw for this meal was obviously on the wantons! The seafood filing was generous even when compared to the dumplings type wantons we have in Singapore although i could probably rave non-stop for the "liao" which was juicy and just so rich in flavour! 

Finished up to the last drop and if not for the watchful eyes of my dad, i would have considered ordering another bowl.


401-403, Huifu East Road,
Near Beijing Street, Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province, China
[越秀区 惠福东路401-403号(近起义路)]

As above

Five-Flavour Wanton Noodles - RMB 19

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