Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Two Two Chicken (22치킨) - Authentic Korean Style Fried Chicken? @ Myeongdong [Korea]

Chicken Up and 4Fingers are two eateries in Singapore famous for their fried chicken and in case you don't know, both were notable for their Korean style fried chicken! 

Hence, it would not do Korea any justice if we didn't plan for a visit to one of their many fried chicken establishments! Louise did the research and identified Two Two Chicken in Myeongdong as the brunch destination.

For an establishment that was featured in quite a number of reviews and blogs, i was surprised it wasn't even crowded; with less than ten customers including us. Okay, maybe 11.30am was too early for anyone to have fried chicken! 

Do keep in mind the following when you order; each dish comprises of two servings and one serving has six pieces of chicken! We decided to go with half original + half sweet and sour and one garlic chicken; in all, twenty four pieces! 

Half Original + Half Sweet and Spicy
Thankfully, the pieces were not huge and we were hopeful it would not be a difficult feat to clean up the plate! Anyway, the original fried chicken had the things i like; thin, crispy skin and juicy meat which wasn't overwhelmingly oily. I was, however, quite disappointed to find the flavour a bit too bland. 

Sweet and spicy fried chicken was and should be better since the sauce would help to stimulate the taste buds. We were guarded by the word "spicy" as Korean spiciness can be quite hard to handle for people with low thresholds (like me) but it seriously was more sweet than spicy. 

Garlic Fried Chicken
These turned out to be the nicest of the lot with tonnes of aromatic garlic puree slathered onto the chicken! Although it continued to be a contributor to bad breath, the taste wasn't the garlic spiciness one would expect to get. Instead, it was rather sweet; which i definitely didn't mind! 

It's a pity that the texture of the skin was rather soggy and you don't get the satisfaction of hearing that crunch as your teeth sink into the fried chicken. 


Twenty four pieces were still a tad too much for us to stomach! Our final conclusion was that the chicken were good yet not impressive enough to warrant a revisit. For original chicken, my heart still flutters for Arnolds' Chicken while 4Fingers Soy Garlic Chicken, despite their diminutive size, remains fondly on top for the most addictive non-original chicken ever.

6-4 Namsandong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
[Exit 3 of Myeongdong MRT Station]

As above with red star. 

Half Original + Half Sweet and Spicy - ₩17,000
Garlic Fried Chicken - ₩18,000

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