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Trick Art Museum - Where Paintings Come Alive @ Jeju Island [Korea]

In Singapore, we have the trick eye museum and alive museum; both of which charged an admission of S$25 an adult! Stingy me was unwilling to pay such exorbitant pricing!

Hence, i jumped at the opportunity to visit the Trick Art Museum in Jeju where an adult ticket was less than S$10! By the way, this main building housed a cafe, the ticketing counter and a souvenir shop. 

The real action would take place only when you walked to another building at the back and through this unassuming glass door. Although i was expecting something grander, i am not in a position to complain when i paid only ₩8,000 a ticket.

First impression; very art gallery feel and hardly surprising as this was the "masterpiece artwork parody zone"! I may not be a classical arts connoisseur but i still know masterpieces like Mona Lisa! 

Except this Mona Lisa was supposedly smoking a cigar. Joyce, being an anti-smoker, was of course in utter disgust at Mona's unbecoming behaviour! 

The Creation of Adam by renowned artist Michelangelo had also been altered to cater to the enjoyment of visitors. Now, for the untrained eyes, it can be hard to look at the image and decide where to stand, what to do in order to bring out the 3D effect. 

Simple - look out for the small write up at the side of each painting. It would give you a good example of the things you need to do even though you are free to explore your own creativity! 

My family is a shy lot (yes, it does include me) and we do things the conventional way unless the situation dictates us otherwise. Shall share more soon.

Sister to the rescue! Pity the shoe was glued to the wall and she could not peel it off to return it to the poor gal in the picture who would permanently lose her pretty bootie. 

Under the hot Jeju sun, the flowing milk was a godsend and Louise had to have a taste of it!

Dancing with the ballerina; come to think about it, the three of us have never been involved in performing arts. Our parents were practical; study hard for a better living. In addition, my family would not have the financial means to send us for piano lessons, dancing classes etc.

When Joyce is pissed, never ever stand near her. 

Horsing around... eh, with Napoleon's horse! Some of the paintings didn't have any explanation or "sample picture" and we had to use our creativity; possible so long we were the only group there.

This reminded her so much of Jovyn's bubble butt that she could not resist giving it a grab. The picture turned out weird though; she does seem as if she was about to touch the asshole. 

Egypt adventure zone was way more fun as the setup was massive and unlike paintings, resulted in a more realistic picture. With all the spaces that the Mummy ride in USS has, maybe they should incorporate some of these so that those in the queue can have something to do! 

Imagine having to cross over a plank of wood in fright despite an easier way to just walk around the perimeter. For the photographer, it was much more funny seeing the two sisters trying to act their parts,

Especially when seen from their angle, it was mainly an image of distortions. Even for me, i had to take it at a specific, designated position so that the picture would turn out the way it should be.

I showed this picture to Jerald and he asked why is yiyi (short form for auntie) going to the basement! Haha. Guess the parents would be faced with a lot of amusing moments when they bring along their kids. 

But i can tell you; your kids would surely be bored! As i mentioned before, they wouldn't understand the meaning of their actions until they see them on the camera's screen! Oh ya, before i forgot, please bring along a digital camera to capture these images!

Only the stone that Louise was stepping on was real! It's actually quite exhausting for her to act this out as she didn't have anything grab onto!

Look like a normal picture?

Unlike most paintings that seek to give you the 3D effect, this was built in three dimensional format to give you a two dimensional, also known as normal, feel. 

Animal zone - for anyone who loves to visit the zoos yet laments that it would not be very possible to take pictures of animals (specifically those dangerous ones) right beside them. Do let me know if you have heard of any tourist who has succeeded in their attempts to peek into a lion's mouth. 

Or held on to an eagle's talons! 

One of the few things Louise wanted to do while in Jeju was to participate in horse-riding. We didn't have time and as compensation, this demure horse would replace the real one.

Joyce taming the tiger. 

Me in my true form; monkeying around with my fellow mate. Both sisters were laughing their heads off while they took this picture. So funny meh!? 

An attempt to act like a caged animal that  had massive strength to pull open the strong, steel bars. Failed in my opinion and seeing that no one was next to us, i did a demo.

Yes, that's exactly how you should do it! An angry animal who had been cooped up in the enclosure for far too long must have that exasperated expression! 

Struggle to get out of the hippo's mouth! Do you know that hippopotamus contributes to more fatality than crocodiles in Africa?! 

Nothing 3D about it; if i remember correctly, we were supposed to guess how many pandas there were in painting. I counted six!

How many animals can you get from the above?

The two paintings before the above bored me! I would prefer to show my inhuman strength by leveraging on illusions! Fancy carrying a whale?

Louise holding on to a lamp to light the path for the two owls. 

Dinosaur zone was quite enjoyable too although we were, by that time, facing a great sense of lethargy. It was tiring trying to get into position and we had been travelling on the roads since 5.30 am. 

The premise wasn't huge and there wasn't much of a crowd when we were there; which was extremely desirable for photo taking. Imagine having to jostle with the crowd and have photo-bombs in most pictures.

Don't we all love to have wings? Besides being able to fly, we would no longer have to depend on public transportation! In addition, don't have to spend on air tickets! 

Room of super gravity - i got giddy after stepping in! 

This was in another room!! Joyce, being the shortest in the family and i, being the tallest (surprise, surprise but that's the truth), having a swap in height! 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who was the other person!?!?!?!?

Wah!! How did she do that!? This picture was rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise in order to have this effect. Joyce was in fact lying on the floor. 

Imagine the horror on Jovyn and Jerald's faces when i asked what happen to Louise's legs!! Hahahaha. Kids are so adorable when they are young and ignorant! 

I am too; i honestly thought someone has dropped their wallet!

There was an outdoor section known as outdoor sculpture park which was a bloody waste of time in my opinion. It didn't help that it was extremely sunny that day!

They were not extremely lifelike and i thought you could have a better time in Singapore's Haw Par Villa which was far more interesting with its portrayal of Chinese legends and myths. 

Maybe it would be better under a cooler temperature and time wasn't an issue.


2381, Sungyeop-ri, Pyosun-myeon, Seoguipo-si,
Jeju Special Self Governing Province, Korea

Opening Hours
9am till 7pm (last entry at 6pm)

Contact Number to Input in GPS

Ticket Pricing
Adult - ₩8,000
Youth - ₩7,000
Child - ₩6,000

For the summary of my inaugural South Korea trip,
(Jeju and Seoul), please click HERE.

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