Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Bakery Chef - Rainbow Cake & Carrot Cake @ 161 Bukit Merah Centre [Singapore]

Having heard so much about the rainbow cake at The Bakery Chef, i thought i had to give the pretty thing (the cake that is) another chance to redeem itself and hence, managed to get my mom to accompany me one Sunday morning after her temple-hopping.

If you are particular about the decor of a cafe / restaurant, you may find the above photographs useful. As i mentioned before, such thoughtful and likely expensive installations are often lost on me; i am more concerned with the service with a higher priority given to food.

But, it is still a bonus to encounter an ambiance that appeared more homely with items that evoked memories from the childhood or my teenage years.

Whatever the case, this is not a big dining establishment with an indoor seating capacity for about twenty persons. The outdoor section facing the road can accommodate around eight persons. 

First up - lattes for the both of us with beautiful coffee art! My rose latte had a baby sucking onto a pacifier! So cute right?!? Taste wise, no comments since i prefer my teh ni anytime! 

Carrot Cake
Our last meal was two hours ago; i had a bowl of minced meat fishball noodles with a glass of kopi and if you think this would take little effort to be cleaned up; you are so wrong! 

It was huge okay!!! I must have had a bout of overconfidence when i requested for a slice. It was eventually too much for both of us! 

Personally, this was rich of ingredients (nuts, carrot shreds etc) and incredibly filling for the tummies (strongly recommended to share among a few friends)! Point scoring so far; however, the texture was too dense for my liking with an overwhelming cinnamon taste that kind of reduced the satisfaction. 

Rainbow Cake
Named as Rainbow Slice, this was smaller than the ones i had so far although i preferred this petite version simply because it means lesser intake of food which translates into a more important reduction of calories! 

In stark contrast with the carrot cake, this was surprisingly less sweet and featured the softest rainbow layers i had so far! The cold cream stacked in between and on top was light and fluffy; a definitive enticement on the hot Sunday morning! Be careful with the gold and silver ball sprinklers - i believe they have the ability to break your teeth! 


Sadly, i still couldn't see the big deal about rainbow cakes. This was good alright but it didn't generate a good enough reason over the many nice and delicious cakes out there for me to check it out again.

Block 161, Bukit Merah Central,
#01-3711 (next to Bukit Merah Library)

As above.

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 10am to 7pm
Fridays to Mondays - 10am to 9pm


Vanilla Latte (Hot) - S$5.00
Rose Latte (Hot) - S$5.00
Carrot Cake - S$10.90
Rainbow Slice - S$5.80 
[No GST, No Service Charge]

Additional Information
Water can be self serviced at no additional charge. The gentleman was really kind to serve us cups of water even before we made any order! 

Green tea lovers can go for the matcha slice while sour queens (and kings) can opt for the calamansi one; both of which could not match the physical appearance of the rainbow slice though. By the way, there was option for chocolate rainbow slice too! 

If i ever come to the bakery chef again, i would either go for the waffle or the dessert platter (which serves 3 cakes from the counter, 1 cupcake, 2 macaroons and 1 glass dessert for only S$22.90)! 

Check out their booth at Orchard Central! I don't know what it has for offer; guess rainbow slices would be one of them! You can call 6273-9211 for more info.

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