Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kay Lee Roast Meat Char Siew - After the S$3.5 Million Takeover @ 125 Upper Paya Lebar Road [Singapore]

When news broke of an offer made for the best char siew stall in Singapore (at a record of S$3.5 million), i was still nursing my wound in Korea and like many others, i wondered if this would spell the demise of this well-known yet expensive roast delight.

I had to check it out myself and from what i see; nothing has changed, at least physically. The shop was still of the same layout; the spiky lady boss was still there; a few new staff members manning the counter; that's about it. 

My S$5 plate of char siew rice appeared to have shrunk a bit with lesser meat but there was something of higher significance. This is coming from a person who takes an extremely unhealthy standard when it comes to roasted food. 

How did the meat become so lean?!!?!? That thick (no doubt, sinful) layer of glistening, charred fat was inconspicuously missing; in that slight moment, i was just a little wee bit disappointed. 

Thank god the meat was surprisingly quite tender; coupled with the caramelised texture, it was still a blissful meal although now that i have tried the crystal char siew from you kee, nothing really quite beats having the greasy piece of char siew sliding down my throat.


125 Upper Paya Lebar Road
[Near Tai Seng MRT Station]

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Char Siew Rice - S$5

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