Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One of the better kaya toast in town - 正明茶室 @ Hong Lim Food Centre [Next to Chinatown Point]

Hong Lim Food Centre is no stranger to me but i never did venture to the first floor as there were so much more to eat on the second level where snaking queues formed in front of many hawker stalls during lunch! 

Hence, when Joyce and her colleagues suggested having a "very nice" kaya toast for dessert after lunch, i grabbed the opportunity since the shop, 正明茶室, is located on the seldom-visited ground level. 

At S$1.40 for two slices of bread that were further split into thinner slices, these brought back fond memories of Nam Heng kaya toast along Simon Road which is, sadly, no longer in operation. 

The boss was so funny! Upon seeing me whipping out my Nikon-san (the simple yet affectionate name i gave to my DSLR), he insisted on placing the half boiled eggs to "complete the picture"! In case you are wondering if they are complementary, he took back the eggs right after i was done! haha. 

With such a thick chunk of butter right smacked in the middle of two thinly-sliced toasts, it was obvious the end result would taste extremely buttery; a criterion often well-received by fans of kaya toast. Strangely, i could not quite make out the kaya and assume initially it could be just butter sprinkled with sugar on toast. 

Of course not; even though the aromatic custard kaya spread wasn't as generous as Nam Heng, it was still a near match and to be totally honest, i am already craving them for tomorrow's breakfast!

Praying that the stall is open for business. 


531A, Upper Cross Street, 
#01-46, Hong Lim Food Centre 

S$1.40 - Two Slices of Kaya Toast

Other Stalls within the Food Centre
Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy - Roast Duck and Char Siew

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