Monday, September 22, 2014

Jerald is now 7!

The month of September is never kind to my wallet with three birthdays just for my immediate family; Mom, Jerald and the upcoming one for Dad! This also happened to be the month when i am super sick of cakes! 

As anticipated, there is the usual bickering between Jovyn and Jerald; the former won the battle with her tears although she eventually relented when we reminded her once again that it's the brother's birthday! 

I do feel sorry for Jerald sometimes as Jovyn can be so unreasonable and bossy; traits that were likely picked up when she was staying with us!! It's a blessing that Jerald has always been very forgiving, especially towards his little sister. 

A clearer picture of the birthday boy and the brat. Tsk tsk tsk; those who have seen Jovyn before would remember her angelic, super adorable expression. Those who KNOW her would have a vastly different picture of her! 

Awwwwwww they made up pretty fast though with just a kiss. 

Time for the birthday song in four versions! As i mentioned before, it would be in the traditional English language, Bahasa Indonesia / Melayu, Mandarin ending with a Christian one!

After competing to blow out the candles, it was another tiring session of Jovyn demanding to hold the knife to cut the cake! Jerald, ever the sweet and nice brother, gave in. 

Happy Birthday, Jerald!


The strawberry cake was purchased from Lavender Confectionery in Malaysia! Taste wise, it felt healthier with cream that wasn't overly sweet. If i could have my choice, it would still be Glace

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