Monday, September 08, 2014

Fuji Japanese Restaurant @ Platinum Fashion Mall [Bangkok, Thailand]

With over ninety branches in Thailand alone, the reputation of Fuji Japanese Restaurant cannot be undermined and even i made it a point to visit every time i am in the Land of Smiles! 

Four long years; that's exactly how long it has been since i last stepped onto the top floor of Platinum Shopping Mall! As usual, i marched straight to Fuji where i am going to have my late lunch and our very first meal after touching down in Bangkok.

California Roll
The taste of UFO Maki  at Megumi was unforgettable in the mind of Alex and he thought this would be a great substitute. 

Pity they were not even half the standard and were, in my honest opinion, as normal as those you can find in takeaway sushi counters.

Tamago Yaki
For a person with a sweet tooth, i found these to be a tad too sweet and deviating from the norm, juicy too! It's like having a piece of tofu that has been over-saturated with too much sweet sauce. 

Fuji Bento Tempura Set
This was a must-order whenever i patronised Fuji and i knew i wouldn't do it much justice if i am not going to blog about this super worth the value bento set! 

I am now wondering if my taste buds have changed in the past four years. I was honestly unimpressed with almost everything you can see in the bento; tempura came warm and not crispy hot; grilled section was not amazing with a weak flavour;  those deep-fried breaded items were slightly better but failed to contain my disappointment over the whole set. 

Worst of the lot was the sushi; some parts were mushy and absolutely unpalatable. Even the "safe" inari turned out to be dry and wrinkly! :(

Watermelon Frost
Frankly the best of what i had at Fuji! The frost was sweet and didn't appear to be filled with artificial sweetener. By the way, a fellow friend had a meal in Fuji at Don Muang airport a few days later and he commented it was pretty nice! So i am keeping my fingers crossed that the bad experience i had is limited only to the branch at Platinum! 


Level 6 of Platinum Fashion Mall
[Right next to the food court]


California Roll - 230 Baht
Tamago Yaki - 80 Baht
Fuji Bento Tempura Set - 320 Baht
Watermelon Frost - 70 Baht
[Subject to Service Charge]


  1. My recent visit to Fuji at platinum mall was bad too. The food quality had definitely dropped so much. It tasted so different from years back when I had it at their then Siam paragon outlet

    1. I know right.... It was sad given that Fuji was the first Japanese restaurant i dined in at Bangkok and there were a lot of nice memories.