Saturday, September 27, 2014

Purr Cat Cafe @ Bangkok [Near Thong Lo BTS Station] #purrcatcafeclub

It's hard not to get my heart fluttering when i was going through a Facebook photo album of a friend who was in Bangkok a few months ago. The appearance of so many gorgeous looking felines in a cat cafe was just too irresistible and i knew i had to pay it a visit!

From the google map, it seemed quite straightforward; take exit 1 from Thong Lo BTS station, right turn at the first lane and walk all the way in till you see the cat cafe on your left. I timed and it took us roughly about 11 minutes to reach the cafe from the BTS station. 

Singapore has a number of cat cafes and it was kind of funny that i had to travel all the way to Thailand to have this first experience! To add on to the sarcasm, i didn't even have sufficient time in Bangkok! 

No shoes allowed - be prepared to remove your shoes and wear the hideous looking slippers provided by the cafe. Recommendation: please wear socks! 

Unlike dogs, cats are well known for their aloofness and most dislike to be handled as if they are soft toys. Cafe rule number one: please don't attempt to hold the cats. If you are really a cat person, the kitty would willingly jump onto your lap. 

The high and mighty position given to the felines in the cafe was best portrayed in the two cat portraits at the cafe that would otherwise be replaced by pictures of the president / first lady, king / queen in normal households. 

But, no cat leh! Have i been duped by my friend!?!?!?!?!? Rest assured this was one of two sections within the cafe and given the lazy afternoon on a weekday, only the inner section was open.

Slide the glass door and be overwhelmed by over twenty pedigree cats slacking in the fully air-conditioned cafe that also came equipped with a thoughtful air purifier!  

Since i had to endure the heat while walking in, having a cuppa drink and a cake would be fair rewards for my effort! And of course i shouldn't be shocked to find a cat guarding the cake / dessert display!

Decided to have hot cappuccino instead as i didn't have enough sleep, as usual. The coffee art was a good attempt to reflect the theme even though that doesn't really matter to me. I missed my Singapore / Malaysia-style kopi! 

I was caught off guard by the size of the beef lasagna; in case you are still wondering, it was indeed housed in a soup bowl slightly bigger than the cup holding my cappuccino! Thankfully, it tasted really delicious with a comfortable dosage of melting cheese hiding a generous splattering of hot minced beef!

Earlier, i mentioned the "no attempt to hold the cat" rule. However, there wouldn't be any difference from being in a zoo; can see yet no touch! Here comes "Purr me milk" to the rescue! 

Trust me - this would tremendously help to enhance your relationship with the furballs! As with all milk for pets, i think this should be lactose free.

The expected interest among some of the kitties! 

Check out the tabby cat! Instead of drinking from the bowl, it first dabbed its paw into the milk before licking them off the paw! So kawaii right?!?!?!

For a closer, more intimate experience, take your place at this area with low lying tables! Do note that the cats were free roaming and they might jump onto your tables / chairs anytime. Those afraid of cats should just stay away from this cafe. 

Remember, they are the bosses; we are merely the guests. 

In addition to the first house rule, there were seven more for you to take note! Click the above photograph to have a better look; do keep in mind the fine of 1,000 Thai baht for each offence! 

I absolutely love this cat-only staircase and platforms! It's hard to control humans' inconsiderate behaviours sometimes and it might help to have this as a hideout.

See how secured this kitty felt; she was in total bliss! Without further ado, more photographs of the felidaes for your indulgence! 

As expected, they were sleeping most of the times! They didn't mind the occasional stroking though. Personally, i thought this cafe would not be suitable for hyperactive children (like the two brats in my family). 

She was just stunning; a beauty in the cat world. 

Want to spend your entire afternoon in this cafe and flood your instagram / facebook with tonnes of photographs? Wifi is available! 

There might be kitties hiding in corners unnoticeable to guests; so keep a keen eye! This ginger cat was so cute but i could not coax her to get out of the box for a clearer picture!

Got to leave for a visit to the Chinatown of Bangkok, Yaowarat! 


Soi Sukhumvit 53 Sukhumvit Road, 

Bangkok, Thailand 10110
[Near Thong Lo BTS Station Exit 1]

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday - 11am to 10pm
Saturday to Sunday - 11am to 11pm
Closed on Mondays

As above

Additional Information
This piece of information would not be useful for foreigners; grooming services for cats at 450+ baht for short haired and 500+ baht for long haired felines. 

There is also a retail section where you can buy cat-shaped, related products for cat-loving friends. Cat owners would also be able to purchase food / accessories for their feline charges. 

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