Thursday, September 18, 2014

Platinum Fashion Mall - Building A @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Taking photographs do eat into precious time and my short three days two nights trip to Bangkok translates into even lesser time for me to take as many pictures as i would love to! 

The above sentence shall be a valid excuse for me to follow up with my next declaration; i have very few pictures of Platinum Fashion Mall, a shopping centre that any leisure traveller to the Land of Smiles would know. 

As an avid visitor to Thailand, i have been to Platinum Mall countless times although my last visit, as i mentioned before, was four years ago! Things remained unchanged, except for the temporary flea market right outside and a NEW extension (known as Building B) right next door! 

Bloody me got to know of it too late and hence, didn't manage to check it out. According to friends, the extension offered more than just clothes and featured a good selection of shoes and bags.

Oh well, i didn't even have the luxury to cover all the floors in Building A (the original building) which are renamed as reputable shopping districts in the world like Ginza, Soho, Camden, Nathan, Oxford and even Orchard (the top floor is just known as food centre; how unoriginal)!

Our lady friends were very aware of the enormous amount of clothes and accessories they can buy, often at a fraction of cost back home. In case you are unaware, there are often two prices quoted; the original and the wholesale price. 

The latter means you have to purchase at least three pieces and depending on the shop owner, it can be different items with the same price. Wholesale price is roughly about 30% cheaper! 

My lament a few years ago was that the duty of guys in Platinum was to accompany their girlfriend / mother as there was nothing much for us! 

Things seemed to have improved markedly since then; there were ample shops catering to us men! No doubt i had a great time going through the different shirts, tee shirts, polo-tees etc.

Sadly, i no longer command a slim figure and most of the Thai sizes are either too tight for me or too long!!!! Darn darn darn darn; i need to slim slim slim down!! :(

By the way, there was another reason why i didn't take many photos in Platinum; was scolded for snapping the above items (it works like a hairband). Well, my fault for not asking for permission. 

But it sure dampened the mood and made me more careful too. Many of the retailers also displayed signs to say "no photography". 

So it would be more of the above view which was totally boring! I believe most readers would be more interested to see what can be found in those shops rather than a whole bunch of shoppers cluttering the lanes. 

Unless there is a cool babe standing right in the middle.

Your feet are too tired after a shopping spree? Hobble down to the basement level (Ginza) of Building A where you can find two massage parlours (under the same operator);a Thai massage is 300 Baht, foot massage is 250 Baht while neck and shoulder massage is also 300 Baht an hour. 


Petchburi, Ratchathewi (next to Pantip Plaza),
Bangkok, Thailand 

As above. I personally thought it is within walking distance from  Siam and Chit Lom BTS although some of the websites did recommend taking a taxi / tuk tuk. 

Opening Hours
The official hours on the website are not really accurate according to my personal experience. For me, the timing between 10am to 6.30pm would be the safest (most shops would be open for business). 


Additional Information
My lunch was settled at Fuji Japanese Restaurant on level six of Platinum. For my review, please click here

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