Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kamlangsib Fried Chicken Rice @ Asiatique The Riverfront [Bangkok, Thailand]

With all the food scares nowadays, it's unnerving to have a chicken rice stall proudly proclaiming that it is more than just chicken rice! It also didn't help with a name that sounds like a profanity in the hokkien dialect. 

The truth is less complicated; what the food establishment at Asiatique (a waterfront mall in Thailand) meant was that it served other stuff beside chicken rice (for example, tom yum kung).

I am still more interested in chicken though and ordered the fried chicken set at 109 Baht (which included soup, vegetables and two slices of watermelon. 

Rice was aromatic (wasn't oily too) but the flavour slowly tapered off as we chewed further. The chopped up fried chicken tasted juicy with a crispy crust although the seasoning was pretty light; resulting in a piece of chicken that didn't leave much impression, sadly. 

Add the Thai chilli sweet sauce; it did enhance the palatability of the fried chicken.


Warehouse Six, T11,
Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

Fried Chicken Set - 109 Baht

Menu (Limited)
As above.

Additional Information
Go for the chrysanthemum tea at only 25 Baht; a refreshing drink to have after a hot day of walking all over Bangkok! Note: it can be a bit sweet for some of you. 


  1. Bad food And bad service! You can Find better places to eat! They don't speak english and they didn't even said sorry for bringing us the wrong order! We paid and left and i don't recommend to anybody to eat there!

    1. Sorry to hear of your bad experience.