Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wawawa - Bistro by the Reservoir: Their Weekend Brunch (11am to 4pm) @ Bedok Reservoir [Singapore]

A bunch of fun loving colleagues and myself were famished after a session of hysterical laughter (with one who could not stop herself from spewing vulgarities in front of innocent children) and excitement at Forest Adventure! 

Although the Eastern side of Singapore is known for its heavy concentration of good food, we decided not to anger our stomachs further and chose a place that is just a javelin-throw away in Bedok Reservoir; Wawawa Bistro. 

Said to serve German-influenced cuisine that is moderately priced, the non air-conditioned bistro overlooks the peaceful looking reservoir that used to be a sand quarry. 

Although the place wasn't packed with four staff manning the space, service was really sluggish. We initially thought it was because of the lack of service charge (that's what we heard from a staff in Forest Adventure) but our final bill has that bloody addition! Darn!!!

Six hungry women and one forever-hungry man = very angry and pissed off group! The service staff really have to thank the kitchen staff for the delicious looking food that was eventually placed on our table (after 25 minutes, if i may add). This is the luxurious Wawawa English Breakfast; i stole a small bite and found the brioche bread to have that lightly toasted softness with a butter-ness to it! 

Bangers & Mash; Ms Lau is going to hate this but i could not help comparing the bangers to something she would know what i am referring to! Wahahha. The portion was incredibly generous and the taste didn't disappoint. 

My order was the best seller on the menu; Four Flavour Mini Burgers

Even though the portion paled in comparison with the other two, i am not complaining as i prefer to eat lesser. Okay, not exactly a sound argument and especially not when my tummy was gearing for a filling meal! 

To be honest, i personally thought my order wasn't as nice as the other two; the burger buns were really nothing to scream about and i am not the type who read too much into ingredients like ham, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. 

The grilled bacon, however, was a rendition of perfectness; it wasn't dry and salty like many on the market. Instead, what i had was tender, grilled flavourfully and good enough for me to regret ordering the mini burgers. 

I should have gone for the Wawawa English Breakfast! 


901, Bedok Reservoir Road, 

Contact Number

Location Map
As above.

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday - 5pm to 12 midnight
Public Holiday (PH) - 5pm to 12 midnight
Friday & Eve of PH - 5pm to 1am 
Saturday - 11am to 1am 
Sunday - 11am to 12 midnight
[Note: Weekend Brunch is only available from 11am to 4pm on weekends]

As above.

Wawawa English Breakfast - S$15.80
Bangers & Mash - S$12.80
Four Flavour Mini Burgers - S$16.80
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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