Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Father!

Birthdays in my family have always been a low key affair; a meal followed by a birthday cake back in our house (or my sister's). Hence, the photographs taken look familiar except for the ageing faces, the change in waistline and in the case of the two brats, how much they have grown! 

Despite the above, I still make it a point to post an entry here. I believe in time to come, when both Jerald and Jovyn are way older and i have likely made it to heaven, it would be nice to reminisce the moments we had together. 

Both kids, for sure, are going to beg me to remove some of their photographs in the many posts under the category of "family". I shall consider the requests then. Wahahahaha

Lit the candles and let's sing the birthday song for dad's 62nd birthday! Even though he was happy, i could not help recalling his birthday two years ago when we had a heated argument over the tour package in Chengde (China). Till now, i still feel pangs of guilt. 

Oh well, life goes on and i just have to remember to keep my tempers in rein whenever i am overseas with my parents. It's only a few days; learnt from mistakes and make sure it doesn't happen again. The next time i go on a tour to China, i shall sign up for a factory shopping tour package! Oh, and no way am i going to buy a package from Hong Thai Travel (康泰旅行社).

Jovyn waiting for the cake to be cut so that she can have the chocolate bits! Contrary to Jerald's birthday, she was less competitive this round and respectfully left the cake cutting to her Yishun Gong Gong.

Do you know that she is really good at making funny faces?! To take attendance, her childcare centre would take a photograph of her everyday and upload it the website. You should see the many hilarious, exaggerated expressions she has! 

More photographs of her having the red velvet cake from Cedele which was surprisingly quite good; moist with lip smacking good cheese cream that wasn't over-saturated with sweetness. This is coming from a guy who doesn't appreciate red velvet cake. 

A number of feedbacks were received from friends who complained that Jerald has been severely neglected in my blog! To counter that, look above for the pictures of the boy who has brought us a lot of joy with his good natured-ness and much frustration with his never-ending questions!

Now, i haven't bought my dad any birthday gifts.
Shall i bring him to Cameron Highlands again? 

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