Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Need Fresh Fish? - Interesting Business Proposition from an Indonesian Businessman

Like many people, my email account is a recipient of a large amount of spam mail; many of which are thankfully automatically thrashed to the junk mail folder. Nonetheless, there is still the occasional hassle of sieving through the folder just in case of legitimate emails accidentally sent there.

I was about to click the "delete" button for the above email when my eyes roved to the segment where there were quite a number of picture files! Knowing that picture files are less likely to be carriers of computer virus, my curious cat persona dictated the need to open up all of them.

Individual photographs of fish that could be supplied from the Indonesian man who emailed me! The one question swimming in my brain was "why did this Mr Ong email me?" I doubt i am the right target group unless he doesn't mind sending small quantity; bet my mom would be pleased to have such fresh catch for dinner.

However, who in the right mind would send a few fishes all the way from Indonesia to Singapore especially when i am such a price-sensitive consumer and have the convenience of a wet market that was merely a ten-minute walk away!?

Having said that, that's me and i could not say for the rest of you. If you are interested to make purchases, please feel to email Mr Ong at or call him on +6281341773931. 

Do note that you might require an AVA permit to import fish and seafood from overseas. Be careful not to risk a fine! 

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