Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Bouquet of Flowers To Commemorate Your Loved Ones this Qing Ming Festival @ Petite Blossoms

05 April 2014 

The above is the actual date for this year's Qing Ming Festival (otherwise known as Tomb Sweeping Day) when cemeteries and crematoriums come alive (literally with breathing humans)! 

Now, i did mention in my post last year to the Mandai Crematorium that stalks of fake flowers were placed in the holder of every niche; a gimmick i believed to be the works of caretakers who see the need to add some vibrancy to the boring white blocks of 'alternative' housing.

However, it didn't take long for a fashionista to comment that there were colours but not much originality. That's when the following online shop comes into picture; Petite Blossoms

Why petite? Because it focuses on a very niche (pun not intended) market that basically has limited room to accommodate large bouquets of flowers; primarily, the crematoriums. 

At the moment, there are nine types of bouquets to choose from; my favourite is the petite rose bouquet which has that plain elegance deserving for a grandmother who had never lifted a finger on you when she was alive. 

Select from the dozens of available nickel and lead free charms (i.e. microphone charm for that adorable granddad of yours who loved to sing his favourite "夜来香" in the bathroom) to further personalise the bouquet so that it stands out from the rest! From the viewpoint of the older Chinese generation, it is a matter of "got face"! 

Purchasing a bouquet is as easy as online shopping nowadays; create an account, select your bouquet / charms and check out (payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard and Paypal)! Shipping is currently free within Singapore! 


To enjoy a $5 discount for every 3 bouquets purchased, indicate "Entree Kibbles" in your checkout! For your information, i didn't get any extra benefit for posting this. 


Special Order
Want something even more unique that could not even be found on the website? Log in your requirement via the contact us page on the website for a quotation! 

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