Friday, March 28, 2014

Miam Miam Cafe Kitchen - Famous French Toast & Vanilla Soufflé @ Westgate [Singapore]

It was only after a chill-out session with a group of NUS colleagues at Starbucks that we happened to walk past a pretty lil cafe known as Miam Miam. We couldn't stomach another drink / cake although i made a mental note to visit it soon for their Famous French Toast; a tagline proudly displayed on the menu! 

Didn't take me long this time! I was supposed to catch a movie at Westgate but missed the timing. Given my plan to cut down on dinner, i figured it would make better sense to have desserts instead. By the way, sacrificing wholesome meal for sweet thing is another weird trait of mine.

So here we were; seated on cushy colourful armchairs amid a basic classiness that surprisingly blended quite splendidly in the untrained eyes of mine. Oh well, food is more important anyway. 

Famous French Toast
Said to be an absolute must-have on the menu, i can see why there was a serving of French toast on practically every table! 

Don't be deceived by that ball of ice cream like thing topping the cut up toasts or you would be in for a great disappointment. THAT white stuff tasted more just like whipped cream! 

Notice the tiny bottle that contained a golden liquid in the first picture for french toast? That's the maple syrup; the essence that has the magical ability to make tasteless stuff, well, tastier! 

On the whole, we quite enjoyed this dessert, especially the dough which had a pillow-soft bite yet with a texture that was much denser. However, i would much prefer the oilier Hong Kong style french toast from Kim Gary! On an additional note, the ultimate (and most expensive) french toast i ever had was from the now-defunct Octa Hotel

Vanilla Soufflé
Despite not being a fan of souffle, i was so glad when Alex decided to go ahead with this order. Before i start with the review, do note that this was scalding hot so don't be too anxious to stick that entire spoon of souffle down your throat! 

The top puff tasted amazingly like caramelised sugar (it's meringue) but nothing really quite prepared me for the gooey custard 'filling'. It had an intensive flavour that screamed of egg, egg and more egg!! You would have expected it to be exceptionally sweet right? It wasn't and there was even a light buttery fragrance at the end of every bite!


3, Gateway Drive,
#01-21/22, Westgate 

For operation hours and locations of their branches, please check out

Famous French Toast - S$9.80
Vanilla Soufflé - S$9.80
[Subject to Service Charge and GST]

Menu (without pricing)
As above. Crossed out items mean they are unavailable.

Additional Information
By the way, the wait for the desserts can take as long as 30 minutes as the kitchen would only start to prepare your desserts upon your order. 

Water is available at 50 cents a person. Are you irritated when you request for warm water and the waiter keeps refilling it with cold water? Solution is to use different coloured glass! In Miam Miam, blue stands for cold water while orange is for only warm water! 

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