Saturday, March 29, 2014

French Loaf (尖頭麵包) with an Southeast Asian Twist [Halal] @ Bread Fresh [Chong Pang Market, Yishun, Singapore]

Back in the days when Delifrance had a branch in Northpoint, i would automatically pinch my nose whenever i walked past the bakery cafe as i could not stand the smell that many find pleasurable.

However, that didn't stop me from buying their signature baguettes (known as French loaf in Singapore or 尖頭麵包 for the local Chinese) whenever mom decides to whip up her delicious pot of chicken curry! 

Today's topic is not on Delifrance as i am short on cash recently and could not afford to dine in restaurants / cafes as often i do. Rather, i would concentrate on the above neighbourhood bakery (with Muis Halal certification) that seems to have changed its name recently to Bread Fresh. 

Don't belittle this bakery as it has a strong following for its french loaves. So much so that we often have to resort to pay first to reserve for the next batch! You can of course buy it plain although in my case, i frequently top up S$1.20 to have it slathered in the middle with Planta margarine and kaya (you can opt for peanut butter as well)! 

Actions as above, thanks to the lady who allowed me to take photographs for the purpose of this post.

Since there is no dine-in service, everything would be placed into a clear plastic bag. Presentation at this point would be non-existent so if you are buying for friends, expect the disappointed look on their faces. 

I know of many neighbourhood bakeries that offer the same arrangement but having tasted a few, this was still the best where the fragrant dough remained fluffy and most importantly, edible even after a day! Having said that, i had to admit that the last i purchased the french loaves, the lady (who appeared to be new to her job) wasn't that generous with the spread of margarine and delicious orange-coloured kaya. 

:( hope it's just her and not the other lady whom i frequently bought from. 


Block 103, Yishun Ring Road,
#01-65 [Chong Pang Neighbourhood]

Plain French Loaf - S$1.30
French Loaf with Spread - S$2.50

Additional Information
As with other traditional neighbourhood bakeries in Singapore, you can find a wide array of breads, cakes and even pastries that would appeal to everyone in your family. 


  1. i like how they slather the magarine and kaya so generously on the huge french loaves! So 豪迈!Must be very 香 and 脆!!

    1. i agree!! And if u watch it while they are doing it, you would be so tempted to take a bite or two straight after paying!!! Hahaha


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