Tuesday, March 04, 2014

An Open Gate that Piqued my Interest

I knew i was too early for the volunteer meetup at Bukit Brown and hence, decided to explore the nearby residential area in the comfort of my air-conditioned car.

As i maneuvered a 3-point turn at the end of a short road, my eyes caught the above; an open, rusty-looking gate right next to a posh-looking bungalow! 

Despite my fear of snakes, i chose to check it out since i knew help would come quickly should anything happen. I just have to remember to SCREAM!

What appeared right ahead was nothing except tonnes of dried leaves and a sudden drop into thick foliage that would moving forward, in a safer manner, impossible. 

It was as if an earthquake had split the road apart and i was very curious to know what has exactly happened to have resulted in its abandonment.

Was it a private road that led to a house? Or was it a road that connect to the bukit brown cemetery in the old days? What was the history?

For a tree to have attached itself tightly to the barrier, i guess it must have been a while since anyone remembers this place. Having said that, the road didn't appear to be cluttered with rubbish as in the case with places of similar setting.

Anyone can enlighten the significance, if any, of such black / yellow barrier? 

My suspicion told me this disused road could be related to this house right next to the barrier although this would mean that its land area would be huge in Singapore's standard! One unique element about the house is its easy accessibility from the back where there is literally no fence to keep outsiders away! 

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