Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ipoh's Famous Roast Duck & Char Siew @ Sun Yeong Wai [新扬威烤鸭饭店]

Duck can be prepared and cooked in a number of ways but my favourite style has to be "roasted" and this brings us to this renowned roast duck restaurant i was brought to in Ipoh a few weeks ago. 

Frankly, i was more attracted to the char siew that was on display! Despite the objections from the always-healthy father, i insisted on having a small plate just to check "them" out. 

Soup of the Day
I was asked if i wanted soup. Correction - they should have asked if i wanted to pay for a bowl of lotus root and peanut soup. Anyway, my mom is a legend when it comes to making the same kind of soup and her version comes with dried scallops that totally enhance the flavour! 

Signature Roast Duck 
Said to be an original recipe that results in succulent meat and crispy skin, i definitely have no complaint about the meat since it was exactly as boasted (skin can be crispier actually) with the exception of a more fattening skin that didn't sit well with my father. 

Char Siew
I am glad i had my way in pushing for a serving of this. The slices of mildly charred char siew were terribly delicious and can be compared to suckling pig; albeit a sweeter rendition. 

Exterior was slightly crispy with a touch of barbecued fragrance while the inside was incredibly tender, no doubt the juicy effect of a fattier cut that lubricated the meat. 

A notch, just a tiny notch lower than Kay Lee! 


17-19, Jalan Sri Ampang, 
Taman Ipoh Kaya, Ipoh


Soup of the Day - RM 2.00 a bowl
Signature Roast Duck (Half) - RM 24.00
Char Siew (Small) - RM 10.00
Rice - RM 1.00 a bowl

Additional Information
Had this calamansi drink which tasted downright disgusting with a sour bitterness to it; a combination that didn't sound right for quenching the insatiable thirst that day! 

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