Thursday, December 26, 2013

Make Full Use of Your Toothpaste - Money Saving Tip From a Stingy Consumer!

I am sure many business students would have heard of the following classic textbook example on "thinking out of the box" for creative business ideas.

A toothpaste company has reached a very stable level of sales with minimal growth for the past few years. The management was nervous as hell as stagnant growth would likely lead to the demise of the company and hence decided to hold a company-wide meeting on how to increase sales.

A low-ranked staff came out with an ingenious solution; make the hole bigger so that more toothpaste could be squeezed out, resulting in more usage per squeeze from just one tube of toothpaste! Viola, profits spiked a month after his idea was endorsed!

Now, that's from the business viewpoint. 

As consumers, there are also ways for us to make full use of a product. Let's talk about a common problem that i bet most of us have faced before, regarding that supposedly empty tube of toothpaste.

You have exhausted your strength in squeezing any further and decided there and then, that there is no way you can force out any more toothpaste. That's when you are wrong.

To fully make your money worth, you need only one item; a simple pair of scissors in your bathroom to cut off the end of the toothpaste tube! 

Look at the amount of toothpaste left inside?! From experience, what's left inside can probably last me around five to seven days! For hygiene reason, please only dedicate one person to use the leftovers. 

Additional Information
The same money saving method can also be adopted for other products holding cream or paste like materials; for example hand cream. Strongly recommended to have a pair of scissors in your bathroom where you can cut the tube for ease of finding that elusive paste! 

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