Monday, December 23, 2013

Sushi Express - Cheap is the word @ Westgate (Beside Jurong East MRT Station)

Just when i thought conveyor belt sushi is no longer seeing the craze as it did a decade or two ago, i started hearing of long queues forming outside this new entrant that hailed from Taiwan! 

The Great Kon was a big fan of Sushi Express and insisted on bringing us for "tea break" at its new branch yesterday at Westgate; he did warn that quality comes at a price but the incredibly low pricing more than made up the shortfall in quality. 

There was no such thing as coloured plate in Sushi Express - every plate was charged at a standardised S$1.50 each and this really helped to speed up the thought process! In the past, i would do the sums in my brain and deliberate if i should have the five-slice salmon at S$5.90 a plate or grab the inari sushi at S$2.30.

Green tea, unlike other popular establishments like Sakae Sushi, is complimentary and placed conveniently on the table! Another small saving!

Remember, fuss free and speed are keys to this restaurant's survival and the waiter / waitress in charge of your section would inform you immediately upon you are seated that there is no menu and you can take anything you want on the conveyor belt (every plate is S$1.50 anyway).

Miso Soup with Salmon - this was one item not on the conveyor belt for obvious reasons. Surprisingly quite good with bits of salmon hidden at the bottom which didn't overwhelm the soup flavour.

Prawn with Mayo Sushi - the initial taste of slightly burnt mayonnaise made me look forward to the eventual fresh taste of prawns. It didn't come as the prawn tasted slightly off! Ugh...

Giant Scallop - damn satisfying as i dumped the big and juicy mollusk into my big mouth in one go!

Salmon Nigiri - this was so damn worth the price and i didn't get the pathetically thin slice of salmon i often get nowadays! 

Grilled Salmon Belly - this was the best of the limited lot i managed to ingest that day. Guess it was my bias towards grilled and fattening stuff! 

Salmon Sashimi - unlike one negative comment i read on Sushi Express Singapore's facebook, i was lucky that all the salmon i had were quite fresh and i could have eaten a lot more if not for the fact that this meal was supposed to be "tea break".

Number of pink plates the three of us attempted!

21 plates in total; damage - S$31.50 before GST and service charge.


With sixty over said varieties on the conveyor belt, it was definitely not as many in reality! Even though empty slots were replaced with new plates frequently, i wonder how freshness was being monitored. To quote from my personal experience, i had a tuna nigiri that tasted spoiled. 

3, Gateway Drive,
#B1-26, Westgate

As above

S$1.50 a plate
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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