Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ipoh Famous Tau Fu Fah [豆腐花 or Soya Beancurd] - Funny Mountain [奇峰传统古式豆腐花豆精水]

Singapore has no lack of shops selling soya beancurd; we even have one local brand that managed to break into the tough Japanese market. Therefore, i didn't quite understand what was the big deal about Ipoh's tau huay.

And you know what was the amusing thing about this supposedly very well known shop in Ipoh? It was known as Funny Mountain; a name that sticks to your brain like super glue!

Funny Mountain appeared to be a takeaway outlet but peculiarly, customers were welcome to order and either eat while sitting on the two wooden benches or, standing up (in the shade or under the sun). Any other area to sit comfortably while you enjoy your soya milk drink / beancurd? No. 

There was a third option; an informal drive through where an employee would take down your order and pass you the items shortly after! My Ipoh colleague has also confirmed that you can choose to have your beancurd and soya milk drink in the comfort of your own car and pass the crockery back once you are done!

As blur tourists to the city, we were lucky to have gotten the wooden benches as we visited during the off peak hours! Even the guy who brought us there were surprised there was no queue! 

Soya Beancurd 
This definitely surpassed my expectations! Smooth with an intensely rich-with-soya consistency yet without the subtle tardiness found in some notable beancurds, the key to its goodness lies with the sweetened syrup. It didn't give me that excessive sugar rush sensation and there was just something special about it. Best was the price though; RM 1.00 a bowl! 

Soya Milk Drink 
As with the tau fu hua, the soya concentration of the drink was unmatched and i can bet that if the Great Kon was with us, he could easily down four to five satisfying cups in one sitting! 

For me, i kowtow to the temptation after stepping out of the shop and purposely walked back to purchase two bottles (500 ml each) of delicious soya milk! 


49, Jalan Theatre, 
30300 Ipoh, Perak

Food Map
As above (red border). According to my memory, i think the actual location should be across the lane towards the left on the map. Rest assured, it would be easy to find. Look out for a queue that was made up of cars!

Opening Hours
From 10.30pm, while stock lasts.

Price (Eat In) 
Soya Beancurd - RM 1.00 
Soya Milk Drink - RM 1.00

Price (Take Away)
Soya Beancurd - RM 2.00 
Soya Milk Drink (small) - RM 2.00
Soya Milk Drink (big) - RM 5.00

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