Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore 2013 - Sesame Street Saves Christmas Snow

My annual pass is expiring very soon and i thought i might as well make full use of the member privilege to check out the Christmas decorations at the amusement park.

It wasn't as fanciful as i expected but Hollywood Boulevard was only the beginning with the main action supposed to take place in the New York zone. 

By the way, the celebrity cafe and bakery is now managed by Starbucks! Although this is a step backward to develop a new branding synonymous to the theme park, i believe it was the right move as i didn't give that great a review when i last patronised before the changeover. 

Weather has been really wet this December and it's strongly recommended for USS visitors to bring along a brolly or a raincoat. Do walk slowly and stop your hyperactive kids from running! 

Not everyone was unhappy with the wet weather; the cooler temperature must be welcomed by the mascots and celebrity impersonators dressed in thick clothes and caked with make-up!

Entering New York zone! Notice the crowd to the right? They were queuing for Sesame Streets' Spaghetti Space Chase; i never had to queue for this kiddish attraction in the past.

Even though Santa's sleigh was parked in the middle of the road, there was no old man handing out presents and no reindeer grazing around the area. Not even fake ones.

Never mind about the rest, it is the Christmas tree that has the strongest pull to hype up the festive atmosphere, especially a tall one adorned with many ornaments. 

Sesame Street Saves Christmas Snow - a 19-minute show would be starting shortly at 6.30pm. It was only yesterday that i realised there was also another live show; Christmas Dancing Lights. 

Nevertheless, let the show begins! 

Storyline? Guess the title already hinted a lot and i don't want to spoil the fun by divulging too much. Haha, this is so not me! Truth is, i was too busy taking pictures and didn't quite catch the accented conversation. 

This phenomenon is not new - does anyone know what do you call people who use such devices to such an extent that they block everyone's view? Mobile Blockers (Mokers)? Armpit Air-er? 

Conclusion of the show and following which was the highlight of the USS Christmas Celebrations.

Non-toxic snow foam that would be dispersed via the sprinklers high above the audience. 

It would last only last five minutes. So do take some pictures after you are done marvelling at fake snow descending down the New York main street in USS. 

If you continue to be dumbfounded by the technology, you would be pleased to know snowfalls are scheduled seven times a night from 6.30pm onwards, until 30 December. 

Two of the night view shots i took after the Hollywood Spectacular. 

Before i end this post, i would like to wish all my family members, friends, readers (and even enemies) a Merry Merry Christmas and a great 2014! 

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  1. Awesome post and pictures Cavin!

    Do check out our post from Universal Studios Singapore's Snowy Christmas Celebration here!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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