Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jovyn (the Fat-Cheeked Toddler) is TWO!!

I bet many people are tired of the numerous postings on haze; whether on blogs, popular social media platforms like Facebook or mainstream media. Hence, let me break the cycle by talking about a joyous occasion. 

Jovyn's second birthday! 

The celebration was a small family affair this year and we were glad we didn't organise a huge party given the health advisories issued by the ministry of health in view of the current hazardous haze condition.

Just a brief summary of Jovyn's 'development' in the past one year. Her signature cheeks continue to draw attention from strangers albeit to a lesser extent; she topped the scale recently at 12.4 kilograms; she is attending day-care and thanks to my pampering mom, she has turned into a spoilt toddler! 

You are right; that makes two young brats within the family! Nonetheless, i have to admit they are the biggest joy we could ever wish for although on a related note, i doubt i would want to have kids in the future.

A dog would do. 

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