Monday, November 19, 2012

Ipoh Treats - Authentic Malaysian Cuisine? @ Changi Village [Singapore]

Whenever it comes to Malaysian cuisine, i always lament that we should just take a bus across the causeway and gorge ourselves like crazy given the highly favorable exchange rate!

Sadly, Malaysia is not as small as Singapore and food culture varies from state to state. In some extreme cases, there are stark differences in signature dishes even between cities and towns within one state. 

Ipoh Treats - despite its link to the capital city of Perak, serves more than just signature ipoh dishes. Within the limited menu, i can spot two main Malaysian cuisines; Penang and Ipoh. 

As the distance for both places was too far for the Gang of Four (although they are in our potential travel hit list), we guessed dining at Ipoh Treats would give us a sampler on what to expect in the future.

Chendol Drink
I should have spotted the word "drink" earlier as i was anticipating a bowl of desserts to sweeten the meal! Taste wise, it was not that rich in gula melaka but was sufficient to satisfy me. Suggestion - offer chendol as a dessert and i bet it would be more popular.

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun
Hor fun is a favourite local tze char dish of mine and even though i am aware of its famous cousin, i have never tried it until now. 

The marvelous thing about this Ipoh hor fun was the noodles; less broad than typical horfun with an incredible smoothness that would appeal to the elderly generation! Other than that, the chicken strips were too tough for our liking and the 'soup' lacked excitement. 

Well, I did enjoy the fresh, pulpy prawns! 

Penang Prawn Noodles with Rib
The authentic prawn noodles from Penang was rumoured to have a broth so intensified with prawns; you could get an elevated cholesterol reading simply by drinking one scoop!

Okay, i have exaggerated a bit but i could not deny that the prawn stock of this Penang prawn noodles from Ipoh Treats was indeed potent albeit a tad too salty. The two pieces of pork rib were surprisingly soft (and delicious) and easily fell off the bone with just a little tug from the fork.

Befitting my obsession in pork lards, i absolutely loved the generosity to include so many pieces of juicy pork lard! I would gladly return for these pork lards. 


Block 4, Changi Village Road, 
#01-2086 [Along the Main Road]

As Above


Chendol Drink - S$3.00
Ipoh Sar Hor Fun - S$5.80
Penang Prawn Noodles with Rib - S$7.80
[No GST. No Service Charge]

Attached above for your reference. 

Additional Information
It's hard not to order this - durian white coffee! Since Ipoh white coffee has a reputation for being aromatic with a taste that sits well with many Singaporeans and Malaysians, we asked for just one cup to try it out. 

Honestly, i expected more than just a disposable cup with the price tag of S$3.80. Nonetheless, this durian white coffee tasted not too bad with a balance of durian flavour that complemented exceptionally well with the coffee. 


  1. u really bother to travel up from yishun to somewhere so far!

    1. that's e bad thing for having an off peak car!! :(


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