Thursday, November 08, 2012

Haunted Hogs [Total Destruction - 3 Stars for All Levels] - Angry Birds Seasons

To give my left wrist a good rest after the surgery a few months ago, i actually had the determination to stop my holy quest of eliminating all the green pigs that just could not keep their hands off the birds' eggs! 

But, i simply could not resist the temptation of clicking that "season 3" button when i accidentally touched the 'Angry Birds Seasons' application in my iPhone! 

I am serious; it was unintentional! 

Given my great affection for things related to the paranormal, i was under the impression that fate has finally decided that it's time to restart my quest with this 'Haunted Hogs' episode and there is absolutely no point in resisting this god given act.

In my many months of crusade, i have to concede my victory [in total destruction of course] this time was mainly due to a stroke of good luck. Levels 2-12 and 2-14 were extremely taxing and i was almost on the verge of giving up!

This is the reward level - the evil bat! Those cloudy puffs were the main irritation - they mostly break into smaller pieces with minimal damage on the surroundings! 

With Rovio trying all ways to enhance gameplay in order to retain its top position in the mobile game market, i am deeply worried. 

For the well being of both my wrists. 


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