Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grin Affair - Cakes in Jars @ Everton Park [Near Chinatown], Singapore

The dessert industry is heating up in Singapore and one of its most recent additions is this quaint little shop located at an unlikely place; the ground level of a public housing estate.

Inaccessibility was thought to be a major problem but Everton Park is in fact centrally situated with the police headquarters [known as Police Cantonment Complex] as its next door neighbour.

Having your desserts in the shop would be tricky as the usable space was far too small to accommodate many tables or chairs. I was there just this afternoon and they have changed the layout slightly to put in a round table for four persons [note, the above picture was taken a week ago].

Twelve flavors were available although you may wish to keep in mind that the list is subject to changes. As you can see from the photograph, the glass jars that the cakes came in were just too cute to resist!

With so many cake parlors in Singapore, it is therefore important to register a strong impression in your customers. Grin Affair did it with a simple twist to the presentation by using jars, a common fixture in many people's kitchen.

Saneva, ever the dessert queen, purchased five at one go even though it was her first visit!!! If it was me, i would have gotten just one and even that would require loads of back-end calculation to check if it would be worth the price [which ranged between S$4.80 - S$6.00].

Strawberry - that was the flavor i chose from Van's stash! It was a token of appreciation from her for driving her to Everton Park; so nice of her right?! Hahaha.

This strawberry cake (in a jar) was lusciously delicious and despite the compact layers of sponge; still managed to have a smooth and rich consistency coupled with slices of cold strawberries. I stole a spoonful of the lychee passionfruit with sea salt which turned out to be an entirely different story; guess it is a personal preference.

On the practical side, eating was mess-free and a similar scenario that came to mind was my sister trying to feed my nephew bottles of baby food when he was younger. Honestly, the presentation is very easy to be copied and i am already aware of shops doing that.


Would i be back? I am unsure mainly due to the lack of space for me to eat my baby food cakes comfortably. My friends were more unlikely to return as a result of the stuck up attitude by the service staff who did not seem to enjoy answering questions.

Block 3, Everton Park,

As above.

Opening Hours
As above.

Additional Information
What happen to those glass jars after you are done with the cakes? They will be useless as containers without lids and it would be such a waste to throw such good quality jars to the bin!

Return them to Grin Affair and get a ticket; not those you get from traffic police (which is a possibility given the lack of parking in that area) but one that looked like it came out from those kiddie game machines at the arcade.

Accumulate sufficient tickets to exchange for a free item.

I would love to get my hands on that jar of dried figs!

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