Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cover Orange [with Special Mention on Level 373] - You Protect Using Your Brain [Game for iPhone]

I don't profess to be an obsessive gamer when it comes to iPhone games but i do get very frustrated and moody when i could not complete a level that is necessary to advance to the next one. 

No matter how insistent i was to keep pressing the "repeat" button of this particular level in "Cover Orange", i eventually had to utilize the sure-win helmet, instead of my brilliant brain to finish the level.

Sure, i could easily check the internet for guidance but i would rather use the underwear-looking helmet first and return to retry level 289 in the future! That's how stubborn i am! 

As you could see from the second picture, Cover Orange is about strategy - make use of the given equipment (be it wheel, barrel, cylinder, box etc), throw them at strategic locations and take advantage of the terrain, little bombs in order to move and protect the poor little oranges from the raindrops.

You win and advance to the next level if the oranges survive the rainstorm.  

Sounds too easy? Wait till you get to the higher levels where every slight movement of your finger and the height from which you throw the equipment, can determine the outcome! 

This game requires a significant amount of thinking similar to the violent Angry Birds but it is not recommended for individuals who prefer to have a fast game involving eye catching graphics and cute characters [the fruits are just not as adorable as birds].

Level 373
This took me a while to clear and i believe in sharing the following screenshots with like-minded friends who might have difficulties clearing the level.

Throw the wheel and make sure it touches the bomb on the right side. It would plug the hole and the impact of the lighted bomb would cause the triangular shaped wood block (on wheels) to roll up the gentle slope.

Due to gravity, it would roll down again with a faster speed, ignite the left bomb and pushed it nearer to the stationery wooden wheel. 

The blast would in turn result in the movement of the stationary wooden wheel that would touch the vertical bar. This slight touch is sufficient to cause the left orange to fall.

Time is of essence here! Drop the second wooden wheel lightly before the orange on the horizontal bar and this action must be completed while the fallen orange is rolling up the slope! 

Both the oranges must be covered like the above picture. 

Drop the triangular wooden block to seal the area and wait for the irritating evil laughter that signifies the arrival of the stormy cloud. 

Here it comes! The oranges would appear to be really scared and worried at this point. You may even catch them praying! Haha.

My result - 379 levels were cleared with a total score 357,726. 
I am left with only 1 level; the dreadful 289!


Cover Orange is now FREE on iTunes for a limited time only!
Usual price? US$0.99 of S$1.28! 

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