Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bucket List - Snorkel in the Jellyfish Lake at Palau

Jellyfish is undeniably the most beautiful creature in the world and their slow gracious movements have a therapeutic effect that never fails to captivate me.

There's only one problem - touching them is dangerous and said to be super painful!

However, there lies a small country (in terms of land area, it is even smaller than Singapore) in the great Pacific Ocean that has a type of jellyfish with no sting! 

Okay, i admit it does not really sound amazing since any sane human would not purposely source out this particular jellyfish in the big ocean just to give it a hug and a kiss.

The amazing part is this - there is a lake in Palau filled with millions of these sting-less jellyfishes! Not one, not two, not ten but millions of them! 

For a hardcore snorkeler like myself, this place is simply heaven and i could so imagine myself playing with these graceful creatures for a few hours while taking thousands of pictures in numerous poses that would be impossible to replicate with any other type of jellyfish.

I am not going to pose any more picture of this jellyfish lake as you can find thousands of them on google search! In the meantime, i will add the jellyfish lake to my bucket list and pray that i could pay it a visit in the near future.

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