Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ah Long Pancake [亚龍面煎粿] - Corn, Peanut and Egg @ Lavender Food Square (劳明达美食广场) aka New Century Food Paradise (新世纪美食坊)

Ah Long - two words that strike fear in the mind of many Singaporeans! However, the Ah Long today is not the infamous loan sharks but a "dragon" who sells local pancakes.

This stall was one of the pioneers for offering a new twist to the local, vegetarian pancakes we are aware of from our childhood that have traditional fillings like peanut, coconut and red bean paste.

It sells pancake with an egg on top! There are other WEIRD mixes including sausage, ham, chicken floss, tuna (this is weird), sambal chilli (my god, i cannot imagine the taste of this), chai po and many Singaporeans' favourite fruit; durian! 

I had the popular corn+peanut+egg version and it came piping hot on a styrofoam plate! Unlike traditional pancake that would be folded, this was served mini pizza-style. 

The taste was very strange (imagine feeling the juiciness of pulpy corn cobs, sweetness of sugar, bitterness of peanuts and egg flavor all at one go) although i can't say i dislike it. Since those aforementioned ingredients are easy to source and can be used easily in any pancake stall, i have to say i am more impressed with the pancake dough; dense, not too thick, not too thin and came with crisps at the edges! 

For comparison purpose, i asked for a serving of the normal peanut (bits, not powder) pancake as well. This was despite having a whole bowl of fish ball noodles, two big Otahs in a span of 30 minutes and a big plate of Kay Lee Char Siew rice not more than three hours ago!

Nonetheless, the verdict is clear; i still prefer the traditional yet uncomplicated local pancake over those new variants! 


380 Jalan Besar, Lavender Food Square
[behind the drink stall]

Corn+Peanut+Egg - S$1.70
Peanut - S$0.90

Additional Information
Expect a queue although it is definitely not on the same scale as Kok Kee Wanton Noodles in the vicinity. 

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