Sunday, September 09, 2012

Famous Geylang Braised Duck Rice - Sia Kee or Sean Kee [聲記卤鸭饭] @ Corner of Lorong 35 Geylang & Geylang Road [Sin Huat Eating House]

I am not very adventurous when it comes to food and once i have a favorite stall, you would seldom see me venturing out of my comfort zone by myself. 

The same goes for braised duck rice. I am aware that there is a really famous stall in Geylang that has frequently been featured in newspapers, food shows etc but i am not even motivated to source out its exact location! 

That's how anal i am.

Anyway, i have to thank my brother in law for this; he suggested Sean Kee (on the namecard, this was listed as Sia Kee instead) duck rice when the family was clueless on what to have for lunch!

Ordering was delegated to my sister and her husband since it was the first visit for the rest of us. 

The first thing that arrived was soup! 

Despite its almost transparent clarity, it was packed with a strong herbal taste that was embraced with love by the Teo family except me (i found it to be too salty and preferred Yu Kee's version). Best of all, you can refill it for free! 

Like chicken rice, braised rice (卤饭) is as important to stalls selling braised duck and i have to admit that this is easily one of the best braised rice i ever have; big grains, sticky with an intensively rich braised flavour! 

This was more for people who take innards! For me, i would take both the tofu and braised egg although i personally find it disgusting to mix innards with them! 

Finally; the big plate of braised duck meat that came with generous 'toppings' like braised peanuts, bean sprouts and shallots.

The meat was tender alright but what i really did enjoy was the incredibly light braised sauce. It wasn't as sweet or as salty as i expected yet i could not help but felt that it embodied the full 100% braised-ness! 

A snapshot (approved by the stall owners) of the braised sauce pot! 

Eat them together (meat and rice and sauce plus a slice of cucumber for visual effect) and prepare to be satisfied in an amazing, taste provoking way! 


On a final note, i was thinking about the braised duck rice from Kent Ridge. 

Their sauce was slightly more unique given the more herbal flavour although their plain rice was simply not even up for comparison against the much much better braised rice at Sia Kee. 

After some time of deep thinking, i guess Sia Kee is still the winner. 

659/661 Geylang Road
[Sin Huat Eating House]

As above [red star]

Opening Hours
11am till 7.30pm [Daily]

S$46 for what we had [7 bowls of rice]
A normal plate would cost S$3.

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