Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant - Special Steak Mix Set @ Bugis+ [Former Iluma]

Alex owed me a treat (it seems that he always owes me a lot of things) and i was spoiled for choices when we reached Bugis+, Singapore's latest (revamped) shopping centre!

To say i am hungry was an understatement; i was famished! Therefore, when i saw the rows of delicious looking plastic food display in front of this Japanese restaurant, my decision was made.

Yayoiken - yet another Japanese restaurant that hailed from where-else about Japan although this time, it has a history of serving Western-Japanese cuisine for over 125 years! Woah, that's some history!

Hunger aside, i was pretty much going for the blood that day and the sinful meat monster had already decided to have the hotplate filled with meat (beef, chicken, hamburger and bacon), known otherwise as the special steak mix set on the menu.

For an Asian, i was satisfied with the appearance of big, pearly white rice but there's only so much you can review with plain rice. Side dishes would be the keys to make or break your experience.

As far as meat was concerned, i thought they were very normal with massive dosages of salt playing a key role in the flavoring; as you can probably see from the above picture.

I did enjoy the miso soup; more for the addition of mini strips of beancurd than anything else. Hardly comforting news for miso soup nazis. 


In term of Western-Japanese food offerings, you would likely compare Yayoiken with Saizeriya; another Japanese restaurant that has been in Singapore for quite a few years. 

Frankly, i prefer Saizeriya. 
For the moment.

201 Victoria Street, #01-08,
Bugis+ (Formerly iluma)

Special Steak Mix Set - S$19.90
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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