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Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncakes (月饼) Galore & Other Confectionaries @ Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Shopping Centre [Orchard Road]

It's once again the festive season for mooncakes although actual preparation would only start officially after the end of the Chinese hungry ghosts' month!

Given that the mid autumn festival is scheduled to be on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, this would give Chinese like myself only fifteen days; a duration that is hardly sufficient for us to truly enjoy the festival.

Likewise for businesses like shopping malls, bakery shops etc, they have been advertising earlier and earlier in recent years in order to take advantage of the celebration.

Anyway, are you curious on what are available at the annual mooncake fair at Takashimaya Shopping Centre? Look no further while i post this lengthy pictorial entry of my visit two days ago. =)

First up was a box of mini snowskin mooncakes (迷你冰皮月饼) that cost S$38.00! These kind of mooncakes are most popular with children due to the brighter, more cheerful outlook.

Japanese-like gift boxes filled with delicious looking confectioneries. Men and ladies striving hard to impress their in-laws (or potential in-laws) should consider getting a box or two!

Think big is better? And the more the merrier? Get this box of mooncakes from The Fullerton Hotel.

Some vendors were demonstrating the making of mooncakes right in the event hall! So in addition of being bombarded with loads of goodies displayed right in front of you, you would also be blessed with the occasional burst of aromatic baking!

Teochew Yam Paste Mooncake - this type of crusty mooncake seems to be all the rage this year! Even my mother was specially looking out for it.

Singaporeans looking for the famous Wing Wah Wife's biscuits would be able to purchase them at a dedicated booth this year! And they came in many different flavours!

Sampling is a must for you to decide which brand to choose from. Always try a round before making your decision.

Most vendors would provide simple, plastic canisters for samples.

Some 'atas' ones will rely on more classic looking containers. For me, i don't really give a damn; i would take purely for the sake of trying! Life has taught me that looks can be deceiving and packaging doesn't really mean much when it comes to food.

However, a nice looking packaging means a lot when you giving away the mooncakes as gifts.

All the while, my parents would use empty mooncake boxes to store small items including threads, needles, batteries etc. Now, we are seeing boxes specially designed to enhance the practicality.

Some can even double up as traditional Oriental jewelry boxes.

Besides mooncakes and other related confectionaries, be prepared to catch sights of Westernized fare like cupcakes and fruit tarts.

I am not sure about you but i thought these should not be sold in such an event. Give the chance and space to other vendors who are indeed selling products related to the Mid-Autumn festival.

No, having chocolates branded as mooncake pralines don't make it any closer as being even (remotely) related to this Chinese festive occasion.

TWG mooncakes?! I know TWG is famous for their tea (known as the best tea company in the world) and i am curious on how their mooncakes look like.

Hm... yucky looking with a funny sheen that didn't really appeal to me (to be honest, i didn't even try it so i might be wrong). In case you are wondering, they do contain TWG signature teas.

Bunny fruit moon - this was the first time i am seeing them and i guess they have fruity flavours (coupled with a cute rabbit shape) to appeal to children.

Angry birds have now invaded the traditional realm of mooncakes! At least to a certain extent as they only come in the 'newer' snowskin version.

Frankly, they (blue-bordered circle) could pass of as soft toys!

These piglets were so darn adorable! I would have loved to bite off their noses, follow by their ears and then slowly tearing their bodies apart! Gosh, i sound so sick!

Another live demonstration!

Durians mooncakes! The promoters were hollering "100% real durians" and the question that registered in my head was instead: "so why don't i just go for real durians at a durian stall in Geylang?". Duhz.

Last year's hot favourite; Home's Favourite (pun not intended) ice cream mooncakes!

Big China (大中国月饼) mooncakes! I have been waiting to try the traditional baked mooncakes from this old school brand for the longest time ever....

Another big-sized mooncake. I should recommend my younger sister to buy this as i presume it would be more economical for her humongous appetite.

Not sure how a Teochew mooncake would look like internally? Check out the cross sectional views!

Mini cheese mooncakes sound really yummy!

Lanterns! That was one thing i really enjoyed in my childhood; holding on to a lantern and playing games with my cousins in my grandparents' old kampong house.

Special promotions for you to get your mooncakes earlier although i am not too sure about this marketing gimmick. Less popular brands would reduce their price at the end in order to clear their stocks but some brands would face a sold-out scenario a few days before the festival.

So, it is really your call! The good thing about getting them earlier is that you don't have to face an enormous crowd nearing the actual date of the festival (which is on 30 September this year).

Such elegant packaging!

Eu Yan Sang, a notable traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) company, was offering mooncakes with stuff like Pu Er Cha, Kumquat etc. Maybe they will introduce specific mooncakes that would help in rectifying some health ailments next year. Who knows right?

A big sign stating that the same egg custard mooncakes were sold out within 24 hours in Hong Kong. I took a sample and pretty much enjoyed the filling that tasted like a hardened lau sha bao!

Jovyn getting bored. I don't blame her as both the grandmother and mother were too busy trying out the samples!!!

Taiwanese pineapple tarts (凤梨酥) that don't come cheap! Be prepared to fork out S$26.75 for one box with only 10 pieces!

Bengawan Solo mooncakes with pricing that was surprisingly not as astronomical as i expected.

The Chinese characters said four yellow which would normally mean four egg yolks. But what are those sperm-like desigh on the mooncakes?!?!?

You would be excused for thinking this pandan flavoured mooncake was spoilt; it did appear to have traces of mould.

With over twenty flavours, you can sample until your stomach is full! Do note that mooncakes are high in calories and sugar. Moderation is the key!

So what are you waiting for? Take a few hours time off on weekdays and immerse yourself in a shopping spree for mooncakes and other confectionaries!


391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City,
Basement 2, Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Additional Information
The mooncake fair would end on Sunday, 30 September 2012.

For the list of vendors (restaurants, hotels, local and overseas bakeries etc), you may click the blur picture above!

Happy shopping!

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