Monday, September 03, 2012

Lost & Found - Whitley Road Fish Ball Noodles (天桥下鱼圆面) @ Lavender Food Square (劳明达美食广场)

Mention Whitley Road to the older generation and many of them could probably remember the bustling hawker center that used to occupy the space right beneath the PIE flyover! 

I had the fortune of visiting it once with my uncle when i was around 6-7 years old and although i could not recall much detail, i did remember eating a lot of barbecued chicken wings! 

Whitley Road Fish Ball Noodles is supposedly one stall that used to operate from under the flyover. A notice from a television variety show "Our Makan Places - Lost and Found" was pasted at the side of the signboard; further confirming its origins. 

Strategy played an important role for me to forsake my usual albert street prawn noodles for a bowl of fish ball noodles instead! Alex was ordering the prawn noodles and knowing him, i have my ways to steal a few bites and maybe even a prawn or two from him! 

Honestly, as far as fish balls were concerned, they were nothing to scream about and should not be the main reason for a queue during mealtimes. Furthermore, the soup was way too bland and oily (that layer of oil was so obvious).

The mee pok (flat noodles) made for a better story, thankfully. Once they were mixed thoroughly, the taste was actually one of the better one i had; well cooked noodles covered with a concoction of usual ingredients including chilli, tomato, shallots, spring onions and bits of pork lard. 

Most importantly, i had a satisfying time slurping them down my throat! 
*p.s. that would mean a substantial amount of oil*


380 Jalan Besar, #01-12,
Lavender Food Square

S$3.30 a bowl

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