Thursday, September 06, 2012

Queuing to Get Into The Trains? - It's Finally Happening (Limited to Certain Places in Singapore)!

When a citizen from the eastern side of USA moves to the western region, he/she would expect a big change in weather, culture, beliefs, food and even accent. 

When a resident from Changi moves to a new house in Jurong, which is only a mere 40 over kilometers away, it's hard to expect any change from the east side of Singapore he/she originally comes from. 

That's what we have always assumed to be true. 

Until i started transiting at Bishan MRT station last year and realised a strange phenomenon that seems to be unique to a town that used to be a huge cemetery. 

Most of the times (at Bishan), you would see commuters shunning the immediate area right outside the station's train doors! 

This is like a dream come true for many of us who could not exit the train in time due to excessive crowding and have to endure the subsequent pushing by inconsiderate assholes!

Furthermore, people are actually queuing to get into the train! As the basic efficiency theory tells us - let the people inside the train get out first before you go in!

Change is inevitable and i guess it is only a matter of time before residents in other areas get the theory right (just like the "keep to the left when you take the escalators"; which has been quite successful). 

There is a slight problem though; older stations at North-South and East-West lines don't really have the space to allow people to queue. Maybe that's why they have installed those big-ass fans to cool down those frustrated commuters. 

Like myself. 

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