Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Set Lunches @ Kim Gary, Vivocity

A good energy meal is a "must-have" before the lengthy tortuous walk for Sentosa Flowers 2011 begins and though dining choices are extensive in Vivocity, i cannot pinpoint the reason for choosing Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant over the others!

Judging from my last post on Kim Gary, i have to throw out my principles before i can continue writing this post! Well, when good food is concerned, slight inconveniences can be excused.

The more than 10 different set meals could be the decisive factor; especially the steak in tomato sauce served with spaghetti! Some of my hungry brain cells were reminding me at that time how delicious it was!

With a cup of drink and a small mug of savoury Borsch (or cream) soup thrown in for the set lunches, it was definitely a great deal until it dawns on many that the same set could be have had for the same price in ringgit (RM) across the causeway.

Lunch K - Steak in tomato sauce served with spaghetti
Just the look is enough to agitate my saliva glands!! The spaghetti was apparently fried with the appetising tomato sauce, resulting in a unique wok hei flavour and the tomatoes were cooked so well; they were no longer a disgust for the taste buds!

Unlike most steak, this was soft and tender and didn't require a lot of effort to cut up and chew!

Lunch B - Fried Egg and Minced Beef Rice
This was the first set lunch i had in Kim Gary; back in Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur (KL). Looking like those classic pictures of canned dog food, this was definitely far off from canine feed!

Breaking up the egg yolk is an initial step before mixing up everything. The flavour is only good upon a good mix! And if you are thinking what i am thinking, yes it is looking more and more like leftover food for dogs!

Surprisingly, the taste isn't as memorable as i recollect from KL; it is too bland.

Having said that, the Gang of Three (Alex was working that day) is no food waster!


1, Harbourfront Walk,
#02-128, Vivocity

Set K - S$9.50
Set B - S$8.50

Subject to 7% GST and 10% Service Charge

Additional Information
Besides coffee and tea, there are 19 different drinks you can choose to go with the set lunch. Some may require additional top-ups. For example, Vanessa paid S$2.00 extra for this peppermint with aloe vera.

You may read my first post on Kim Gary Singapore at http://cavinteo.blogspot.com/2010/05/kim-gary-vivocity-singapore-i-seldom.html.

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