Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Special Roti Pratas @ Casuarina Curry

It's only in the past ten over years that roti prata starts to deviate from the usual egg or kosong. And one of the first few restaurants that starting that evolution is Casuarina Curry!

As the name suggests, Casuarina Curry is located along Casuarina Road although its origins began in Jalan Kayu; 'the' area for lovers of these South Indian pancakes!

There are a lot of prata stalls in Singapore; whether they are in coffeeshops, food courts or in the case of Causuarina Curry, a shop of its own.

However, my choice would likely be Casuarina Curry if time permits and laziness (to drive) is not an issue!

Boasting both outdoor and indoor dining, Casuarina Curry served deliciously fluffy yet crispy roti pratas and also employed waiters with mensa-level memory to ensure your orders are conveyed accurately to the kitchen!

No easy task indeed!

Typical Orders
One prata i always make a point to order in Casuarina  is plaster prata!

It's actually fried egg on a normal kosong prata and even if it sounds pretty un-fasinating, egg (yolk) lovers will scream with joy when the gooey yellow yolk drenched the crispy prata underneath.

Sinful and Yummy!

Another personal favourite is the double egg prata. Instead of one pathetic egg, two eggs were used to satisfy egg lovers like myself!

It's simple but you get a prata that is choked full of eggs!!

At S$2.20 each, it's an elongated piece that frequently leaves me craving for more!!! When you compare it to buying a small bread from breadtalk that easily costs S$2.00, it's a damn good deal over here!

My Curry Routine
I have always known myself to have weird eating habits. For example, i like plain porridge mixed with bars of chocolate.

But nothing beats the disgust on people's face when i told them i love my prata with curry and sugar!

Accordingly to THOSE people, it's only curry OR sugar. Never both! For a person who have eaten prata this weird way since childhood, i thought the sugar-curry mix is a perfect condiment!

Try it and you will know!


136, Casuarina Road

Opening Hours
7.00am to 12.00 midnight.

Plain Prata - S$0.90
Egg Prata - S$1.50
Plaster Egg - S$1.50
Double Egg - S$2.20

Drinks Charged Separately.
No GST. No Service Charge

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